3M Health Care 6154 Littmann Cardiology

3M Health Care 6154 Littmann Cardiology

Does the standard Littmann warranty apply? https://www.littmann.com/3M/en_US/littmann-stethoscopes/my-stethoscope/warranty/

We can’t say. On clearance, we flip overstock inventory from Amazon to help them move it. Since we’re not an authorized reseller, we don’t list warranties. But you get a good price.

This is an excellent price and fairly new product. Has highest acoustic rating other than the Master Cardiologist and electronic ones. Just bought one in different color for close to $200. But… material listing as “100% cotton”… LOL… no!

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LOL. I removed the cotton spec.

That’s a good price, I paid over $150 on amazon for my Cardiology III in 2009.

Still works great and has survived a decade of EMS field use.