3M Outdoor Patio Door Clear Insulation K

3M Outdoor Patio Door Clear Insulation K

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While I appreciate the blue wool option, is this one of those tape over the door during winter so you save money but can’t use the door, or is it window film?


Hi there. These are being pulled from Amazon inventory so we don’t have a lot of information. Here it is on Amazon:


Not sure but there’s more info there. I think you tape over the window. A film wouldn’t seal the gaps/edges.


Thanks as always :slight_smile:

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THAT was your only question after looking at this Woot?

I have extensively used both these patio door kits and the indoor kits. Love them. Save lotsa $. Have become a pro now that I’ve used them over 2 decades in harsh mountain winters.

Also a pretty good deal (if you don’t snap up all they have left at the end of winter at the local store on clearance for $3 to use the next year :wink: :wink:).

But, what in the WORLD is the yarn for???


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LOL. wondering if someone would ask about that.


But it’s the same on Amazon.

I removed the photos here.

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Heh heh,at first look I wasn’t sure if there was some new-fangled kit out with extra features that I’d never seen or if maybe since the plastic gets thinner and thinner each decade that knitting some mittens was required to maintain the same warmth. :gloves: :gloves:


I’m tempted, but will this really save me more than $10 in heating costs? I’d be interested to hear what others think.

Also, I’m used to seeing these installed on the interior side of the window but these explicitly state “For outdoor use”. Anybody know why it matters?

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YES! I know all about these from using for many years.

The outdoor ones do not “shrink-wrap” and generally are less transparent - using plastic with a greater thickness than indoor films to withstand the weather outside. They would be useful for a drafty window or, in this case, patio door. I suppose if you could get it on really tightly and perfectly sealed you might get some trapped air to increase “R” value, but that is not really how they work so probably not very much. I use one outside behind French doors that open out to a deck; where I live the houses often heave when temps get below zero, and that has made my doors a worse fit over time, meaning they leak heat out in winter and without the plastic you would feel cold air coming in all the time.

You double-side tape it on (this WOOT one, some outdoor kits for smaller single windows come with tiny nails instead); it could peel paint if used over wood, or could leave residue on other surfces, so be careful.

That is versus the indoor kind which use a film which is made taut via shrinking it carefully with a hair dryer - they work by creating a “dead-space” that should reduce heat transfer, and rely solely on getting the film perfectly airtight. They can increase “R” value a couple of points if you do a really good job. I think I save maybe $80-100 on heat during each month of a very cold winter (normal temps below 20 and often well below zero).

They work really well for me due to deep window casings as well. The distance from the film, applied around the wood window casing, to the window glass is maybe 4". If you do not have this feature, indoor films will not work as well - the bigger the dead air space, the better the insulation factor. I have one small window set in only around an inch and plastic on that one does not do much really.

In reviews for the indoor shrink wrap film, there are always 1-star reviews because people do not seem to understand the “dead-air” insulating part. They want to use them like the outdoor ones, applied sloppily and not air-tight, which really just does nothing to help keep the indors warm indoors because the film is so freaking thin. If the tape is not applied correctly and you get wrinkles, or even a tiny gap occurs where air can move in/out, or you accidently melt a tiny hole while shrinking the film with heat, it will do nothing.

A friend stopped by once and went to look out a huge window and when he bumped his head on the tight film he was surprised and asked how I got them on so you couldn’t even see them Practice, baby!


Thanks so much!

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