3M Projector 'n' Stuff

These are nice projectors for small portables, but be aware that other video input cables (e.g. VGA, composite NTSC) are no longer available from 3M or elsewhere. Buy the Apple cable and power pack here if you want them. In for one anyway, I think I can hack the Apple connector (bought 2).

I did a review of the MP220 I got from Woot a few months ago on Amazon. Unfortunately it looks like the MP160/180 composite cable that I got is no longer available, if you can find them they were perfectly and combined with a composite/Mini DisplayPort converter I am able to connect the projector to my Macbook Pro to use it in presenter mode.

My MP220 Amazon Review

I just got one of these last week and then went looking for a video cable. The only reason I wanted it was to use as a larger display for my tablets and PC. Since I can’t seem to find the proprietary cable I need, this thing is pretty much useless to me.