3M Projector Sleeve for iPhone 4/4S

**Item: **3M Projector Sleeve for iPhone 4/4S
Price: $79.99
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Condition: New

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Solid reviews (4.o out of 5.0) over at amazon

“Good” review over at pcmag.com

Since it’s not mentioned at the mothership or at 3m product page, I’ll cite the 640x480 resolution mentioned in that (pcmag) review.

O M G how sweet, I can’t wait to get it home and… wait… who the hell has a 4 still?


Just an FYI: I can’t get the review video to play on an iPad. I don’t think I found the same video, but this video gives a good enough review.

For the price, without having actually seen it in action, this looks pretty cool. I image projecting some Mickey Mouse onto the wall in a Resturant to keep my daughter quiet during dinner.


Or just hand the phone to her. Image will be brighter, clearer, and won’t bother the other patrons.

From Amazon reviews
The battery life was the most disappointing aspect. I was able to get 45 minutes at the brightest setting. Not enough to watch a movie or even a full TV episode. And since the battery is not removable, you can’t just pop in a spare.

Also, the device gets very hot. Since the phone while playing a movie also gets hot, having the two devices sandwiched together may not be the best idea.

I will be sticking with my freestanding Pico projector with a removable battery and identical picture quality.

Even on the highest of the 3 brightness settings, the room has to be very dark (almost movie theater dark). The problem with projecting a larger image isn’t the resolution, it’s the brightness. In an office setting you would be limited to an image of about 15 inches with normal room lighting, so for that purpose, you might as well use your laptop. I have another Pico projector and this one has similar brightness and resolution.

The sleeve uses the device’s speaker but redirects the sound through a channel. The sound is the same as from the device without the sleeve.

The three main problems I have with the projector are the docking method, the charging method, and the battery life.

The sleeve holds the iPhone only by the dock. It “slides” into the sleeve, but there is nothing to keep the phone from pivoting on the dock connector and breaking either the projector or the phone. This is a bad design. The projector sleeve is not a phone protector.

The only way to charge the projector is via a USB cable (supplied). The instructions suggest you use the iPhone USB wall charger (not supplied), but I used the USB port of my laptop instead. A dedicated wall charger would have been nice. Charging took around 3 hours. The sleeve can be set to charge the phone.

This would be great for those times you want to show someone a photo. I am sick of these jerks who grab my phone and start flipping through my photos. “Hey JERK! I am showing you ONE photo. Get out of my porn!”. Wait…who said that?? :-o

Boy its difficult…I really really want this item, but I just don’t see any resell value in it down the road. I usually stick by my phones for a while, so I think I’ll be keeping my iPhone 4 for at least another year or two, but after that, is that 85 bucks down the drain for this case?

O M G, I can’t believe I’m not as cool as you. If only I had nothing better to do with hundreds of dollars than buy a replacement for something that works perfectly well. But no, silly me, I buy new and different things, or put excess money into savings. And continue to use technology that’s several months old. Good god, what’s wrong with me?

Native Resolution : 640x480 Pixels

Dealbreaker. Why does the consumer market still need to spend 800+ dollars to get a projector with a resolution that’s even remotely close to HD?

I wonder if it would work with a 5 with the adapter?

You tell em, Robio! Heck my godmother had a 3 until her roommate of 14 years needed to replace his broken flip phone and she had an upgrade available so she gave him the 3 and got a 4. (Oh how horrid /s)

Do that where I am eating diner and you can count on me going Elmer Fudd on you. Try being a parent and not a bystander otherwise it’s Wabbit Season.

and my 4 moves.
(it is not still)