3M Projector Sleeve for iPhone 4/4S

**Item: **3M Projector Sleeve for iPhone 4/4S
Price: $74.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Perfect time, just before the 5S gets announced. Seriously, it’s in 3 days.

I have a 4 still, because I upgraded way out of cycle. And now it seems dumb to get a 4S.


(FYI the incompatibility is the lightning port, not just the camera hole)

Uhm… Resolution?
Is it just one giant pixel or what???

Take a look at lichme’s post, it links to 3M’s website with lots of extra details, including supported resolution.

Yes I know and Thank you for pointing that out (& no I’m not being a jerk) but I was referring to Woot’s post… the peeps that are actually selling this thingie because to me (as a potential buyer) that is the only detail I care about.

This thing is incredible. I got it last week with very low expectations. I was concerned with both the resolution (only 640x480) and brightness. Well, much to my surprise, the resolution very good and text is very legible – enough so that I can do professional presentations. And the brightness is surprisingly adequate. I can see watch a movie on the ceiling (about 9’ away) in a dimly lit room. By dimly lit, I mean bright enough to take notes. I had no hopes of using this professionally but I now feel that this would be find for conference room presentations, and maybe even a small classroom.

Controls are minimal. Mine didn’t come with instructions but I had it running within 5 mins. Ther are only 3 things to adjust: 1) manual focusing; 2) Regular, Text or Eco mode; 3) an option to recharge your iPhone.

My biggest complaint is that the audio jack of the Touch is inaccessible when the projector is on. That means you need to use Bluetooth for external sound. Based on Woot’s photo, however, this is not a problem for the iPhone since the jack is on top. Threre is also no keystone adjustment. That means the projector needs to be parallel to the projection surface unless you don’t mind a non-rectangular picture. If you angle the projector upward, it will be a bit distorted. Also, there is no tripod mount.

(PS - I bought mine for $30 used on ebay … I meant to buy it on Woot but missed the sale)

640x480, VGA

I absolutely agree that it’s info that should be on Woot’s page. Resolution and Brightness are the two specs that are most important for most buyers.

I have to admit. I do not own an iPhone of any generation/denomination. I like my droid. However, when I saw this I was rather loud and vulgar about how cool it was. That being said, check out lichme’s linkage. How many people can say then can project a screen of any rez with schtuff that’s in their SHIRT POCKET?! If you have this and a sheet of copy paper BOOM instant netbook. (minus the keyboard)

This woot! makes me want to spend the 400$ for a unlocked iPhone 4s and the price for the projector, just to say I can do that. Sadly my “financial adviser” (cough, significant other) just ear-boxed me for spending 70$ on a modem that consistently gets 30 meg, not 2-6 megs.

From the Description:

Nope. The biggest complaint is that the projector is no longer compatible with YouTube. Something about a falling out between Apple and YouTube. I’m looking for ways around that. Right now, I basically import everything into the Camera function and then play from there. Yeah, it lacks the spontaneity of playing YouTube directly but at least it can be done.

[MOD: download the YouTube app from the iTunes store.]

That being said, I think I can sneak the sport woot! by. That’s been on my woot!wishlist for a fortnight or two. Just don’t tattle!

Just get a used ipod touch for <$100. You can also find this used on ebay. I bought mine last week for $30. My Touch was free so the entire setup costs me $30. If you wantto use the setup specifically for projection, you can even get a Touch with a cracked screen for <$50. Many touchscreens still work even if the glass is cracked. As for keyboard, a bluetooth one for $15 should be fine.

ps - I’m also an Android person. In fact, the Touch is the only Apple product I own.

While you weren’t a jerk, that sarcasm re: one big pixel is a bit annoying…

Is this just a set of slanted mirrors that redirect the screen’s output thru that lens?

Yes, but it is a retina pixel.

I loves me some Contrast:Ratio