3M SVGA Mobile LED Projector

**Item: **3M SVGA Mobile LED Projector
Price: $89.99
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Not so good Target Review
Better review from Walmart

Max of 2 hours before battery goes dead so long movies are out.

according to amazon review it won’t show itunes content…? can someone verify?

That seems to be the only review I can find that suggests that.
Our specs along with the 3M Product Page both list Netflix, iTunes and YouTube as valid viewing programs.

If someone else has experienced this being an issue (maybe with an updated/not updated iTunes store?) then we can certainly investigate it.

Looks good - I bought a 3M CP45 from Woot and it’s cool but I could use a 32 lumen VGA model (CP45 is 20 lumen, RCA cable input only, but with camera/video).

If you need the VGA to MP225 cable, get it for about $19 at Staples.com

3.5 jack, does that mean I can hook up an aux speaker (yamaha w/ it’s own power source) if I show to group,will on board speakers be loud enough?

I’ll pass based on the reviews that I’ve read.

I see a ton of value in having a device like this. Any recommendations on a solid substitute worth purchasing?

When the video they use showing how “well” this does it’s job is washed out, that’s a red flag for me. And another poster hit the nail on the head. The lumen is just TOO low for anything other then pitch black room use.
A good side by side compare with another brand is here:

Oh hey. The “I want one” is throbbing. Make your decision quick like.

I just bought this from Amazon a couple of days ago, still waiting for one more cable (I don’t own Apple stuff so the cable that came with it is useless to me).

The Amazon one came with a free extra battery, but it also cost $30 more.

I can’t attest to the use of this for movies, but I use this exact model to give Powerpoint presentations with my iPad and it works fine. The room needs to be dimmed - but not dark. I am a clinical trial manager and I use this to do training sessions - it packs well and works fine for that purpose.

I don’t own apple devices, I bought a cable to interface the projector with my samsung phone, does the projector work with Android phones?? Advice Appreciated!!

I’m not certain if the 3m SVGA Projector can/cannot work with an Android operated phone/gadget.

Here is the online manual for this product: http://multimedia.3m.com/mws/mediawebserver?mwsId=SSSSSu7zK1fslxtUo8_enY_Zev7qe17zHvTSevTSeSSSSSS…

You can also try and contact
3M Support Page to see if they can provide any further answers.

Testing 3m’s warranty now. I have numerous vertical lines and distorted color. It got me through 2 months before crapping out. Hopefully 3M will honor their warranty.