3P Experts Motion Sensor Light 2 Pack

3P Experts Motion Sensor Light 2 Pack

how do these attache

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Adhesive patches.

How many lumen each? How long does the light stay on after activating, if there is no further movement detected?

How do you open the back to put in the batteries? Struggling to open this.

Try sliding, pulling, and twisting. In the meantime, I’ll ask.

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Figuted it out, it’s a really strong magnet and just wedged in a small kitchen knife and it came off. Thanks!

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How do these switch on. Put batteries in and put them in position, but no light :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Hi there. Did you try covering up the light sensor on top while testing or at night? If there’s any switch, it should be visible or maybe in the battery compartment.

If you don’t figure it out, holler and I’ll see if we can reach out to the Vendor or you can reach out to 3P Experts directly.

Tried that. Left one outside all night and kept checking. Can’t find a switch anywhere. Bought new batteries and tried them. Neither light is working :cry:

I bought 2 sets (4 lights total). One out of 4 does not work at all. Another one didn’t work but smacking it a few times got it working.

Hammers and smacking things. That’s my go-to for repairs!

Make sure you reach out to Woot! Customer Service. To speed things up, let them know if you prefer a return/refund or a replacement (if possible).

Please allow 24-48h for them to respond.

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‘Percussive maintenance’ is what we called kicking, hammering, smacking or throwing equipment to rectify its non-operational status. (USAF)

However, if you’re doing it to a subordinate in the chain of command, it’s ‘wall to wall counseling’.