3P Experts Super Bright Headlight

3P Experts Super Bright Headlight

You guys are killing me.
“Induction design”?
“Hold switch for two seconds” but it shows two dedicated switches?
Is it 2000 or 2400 mah battery capacity?

Does anyone read these product descriptions?

Hi there. I got some more info.

First, 2400mAh is correct. YAY!

There are two switches and one is for On/Off and the other is for Induction Mode. For induction mode, you just hold for 2 seconds.

“It is induction designed because you can wave your hands and the sensor will allow for it to cut on and off.”

Is this a three pack

No. 3P Experts is the brand name.

I got a similar looking flashlight instead of this, which is what I ordered

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