4' 250 Watt Equivalent LED Shop Light

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4’ 250 Watt Equivalent LED Shop Light
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Can this be wired in to replace an existing direct wired shoplight?

Not easily. You could mount it to the ceiling beside the existing box and add an outlet to the box for it to plug into.

Bought 4 of these on a previous Woot! and they work great but found similar units for same price at Costco.

The existing cord has a standard plug on it, but you can cut it off and wire it into and existing box.

I installed it that way in my shop, it does void the warranty :slight_smile:

Yes. You’ll either be cutting off the plug, stripping back the wires and wiring it into a junction box (or equivalent) or opening the light frame itself, removing the plug wire and sending your power wiring into there.
The fact that you had to ask this, though, makes me think you’ll want to hire an electrician or grab somebody familiar with home wiring to walk you through it.
Or, you could be a woot plant asking a leading question. :slight_smile:

I always want to jump into these LED shop lights, but I just can’t justify the cost. Inside the house as a replacement for incandescent bulbs, LEDs are an easy and cheap choice. Out in the shop, these keep coming up very short of traditional florescent lighting. Looking at these and other LED shop lights, you get about 75 lumens per watt. T8 bulbs will get you about 94+ lumens per watt. And in the end, the lifespan of both bulbs is about the same, but with LEDs they will be considerably dimmer. LEDs don’t die like a florescent tube does. At the end of their 50K hour life span, they will be at about 70% as bright as they started. You end up gradually getting less and less light over the years. But for all those short comings, I’d still be interested if these ever were more competitive in price. They’ve come up on Woot several times, always the same price. Maybe at 1/2 the price they’d be more appealing and I’d upgrade my shop. At the current price (even during a Woot off), I can’t justify it.

Why pay the same price on Woot that you would pay in-store? These keep coming up for sale at this price point. I’d be in at $30 maybe.

250 Watt Equivalent? So this would be equal to about 7 x 4 ft florescent bulbs?

No, not even close. This isn’t much brighter than just one T8 bulb. I think the 250 Watt idea comes from comparing it to incandescent bulbs. A 60 Watt incandescent bulb yields about 800 lumens and would get you close to that 250 Watt number. The use the least efficient bulb possible to compare this to. By that logic, a standard twin T8 fixture would be equivalent to 450 Watts or so.