4' 250 Watt Equivalent LED Shop Light

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4’ 250 Watt Equivalent LED Shop Light
Price: $49.99
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One of the most important details about any LED light fixture is missing. How many watts does this fixture actually use?

Is it the ELYSL-5001C model?

What the heck does “250 watt equivalent” mean? A standard two tube fluorescent shop fixture uses right around 80 watts and puts our a similar level of brightness. Why the B.S. specs Woot?

Besides that, go buy the Feit LED shop light at Costco. It’s $32, uses 38 watts and puts out 3,700 lumens.

Exactly my question too. And it’s not replacing a 250w incandescent bulb, it’s replacing 2 x 40w fluorescent tubes.

Ooooh, thanks for the costco tip. I do not see any goodness in the woot deal.

They’re using incandescent equivalents which is very weird / unwarranted, since this type of lighting has always been fluorescent.

250W of Incandescent typically would be pretty close to 3200 lumens, which is the output of this light, but the comparison makes no sense because of the type of fixture. Either this is marketing to make it seem better than it is, or marketing to cater to non-savvy users who understand light output in terms of incandescent wattage… either way, it’s confusing if you don’t know what to look for…

Yep, bought the Costco LED light. On sale for $34. Even regular price is better than this. I don’t know what happened to Woot. Not like the old days

Amazon bought WOOT and screwed it up! I’m getting it from Costco.

Hey guys- I emailed the buyers for more clarification. Check back for an update.

UPDATE: This model uses 48 watts and the model number should be added to the specs, too. Hope that helps!

Where is this $32 light at costco

Costco Item # Item # 858582
Feit LED 4’ Utility Shop Light,
Brightness: 3,700 Lumens,
Energy used: 38 Watt
Life: 50,000 hours
Price online: 39.05

Brightness: 3,600 Lumens,
Energy used: 48 Watt
Life: 35,000 hours
Price online: 49.99


Personally. I think LEDs are GREAT and produce better light quality than CFL. However, the (brightness + bulb life) / price ratio is horrible compare with CFL. So I rarely buy them.

However, if you factor in energy saved, you may want to consider LED. ((brightness + bulb life + energy saved) / price ratio)
For example, a CFL producing 800 lumens uses about 13 watts that last average of 10,000 hours and cost me about 25 cents each (after rebate from my local utility)
But similar LED that produce similar Lumens uses 9 watts (4 watts less) that last average of 25,000 hours will cost me about $5.
If you do the calculation, on average 1 LED last 2.5x longer than CFL. 2.5*.25=0.625
And energy you saved for using LED over life of LED is 4 watts *25,000=100,000 watts or about 100 k watts at national average of 11 cents/k watt hour. the saving on your energy bill is about $11.
But that’s only assume if you can use the bulb for 25,000 hours life claimed.
Just my 2 cents.

Can this light be directly mounted to a ceiling or does it have to hang with some space ?

I couldn’t find the shop light deal at Costco that others have mentioned. The best I found was the Feit shop light 2-pack for $89.99 and its backordered. http://www.costco.com/Feit-Electric-4’-LED-Shop-Light-2-pack.product.100155638.html

With light we would all be in the dark !!

Good analysis, however the big question is “IF”. Unfortunately my LED’s seem to burn out before then. I’m assuming it’s the cheap internal parts.

I’ve started writing the date of installation on the bulb to get an estimated lifespan.

Seems to be this, based on the price being quoted above, but it requires a Costco business membership, and the fine print says it can only be delivered to businesses in certain metropolitan areas.

That’s a good idea about writing the date on the bulb. I’ve had nothing but good luck so far with the LEDs I’ve used. I’ve only had on bulb break on me, and that was in a garage opener. (I have LEDs in two other garage openers, but these are rubber-mounted to the ceiling, whereas the opener with the broken LED is not.)

The only problem I’ve had with LEDs is finding candelabra bulbs that are bright enough (they don’t make 60W equivalents) and finding them with a nice color or color rendering index. Sometimes the light they produce is strange.

My current work light is a strip of LEDs mounted to a piece of 8 foot trim above my work station. The LED strip (basically double-sided tape with LEDs on them) was free with a purchase from an online LED store.

Bought 3 “Lights of America” 4’ LED Shop Lights at Sam’s Club just yesterday…
40 Watts
4200 lumens
$35 and change
Florescent lights in the garage just can not handle the weather in NE PA this year! These are AMAZING.

Can’t agree more about the Amazon comment above! At least it is not ANOTHER sale on the “Life Straw”… oops that is on the “Woot” page!