4' 250 Watt Equivalent LED Shop Light

Costco’s light is out of stock and had a surcharge of $25 unless you spent over $250. So, that light would have been $34.05 + $25 + tax. Not $34.05 for one.
Just sayin’.

I bought the Costco light in the store, but have been very happy with it.

Something to consider about LED vs Fluorescent is that most Fluorescent lights die in cold garages. I have had bad luck all the way around with them. The LED lights love the cold. Mine (Costco not Woot!) has been very bright and perfect for a shop light and at -4 below last night it worked fine.

Hmmm, “Lights of America”…

+1 !!! I replaced the four fluorescent fixtures on my kitchen ceiling with the Feit ones from Costco about 2 months ago, and they are excellent! Instant on, light weight, 50,000 hour life, nice “light color” (warm, not too far from the color of an incandescent). I paid $39 per fixture at my local costco, but it sounds like they are on sale at some locations.

Here is the link to the Feit fixtures at costco.com (where they are $90 for two). http://www.costco.com/Feit-Electric-4’-LED-Shop-Light-2-pack.product.100155638.html

If you’re on the fence about these, know that T12 bulbs (the “fat,” 2 inch diameter, 32 or 40 watt bulbs found in older fluorescent fixtures) are going away. Not sure when, but the fixtures are disappearing from stores now, and a guy at home depot told me the bulbs will go the way of the incandescent (phased out in favor of more efficient bulbs).

So if you have a fixture that is on more than a couple hours a day, you’ll save by replacing it sooner rather than later. (I bet someone here could run the numbers and tell you exactly how many hours a day the thing needs to be on in order to justify the replacement.)

I recently bought several similar LED lights at my Costco for $30. I put them in my garage and barn and they are great!
Over and over, long time Wooters lament over the sad state of Woot, but the Amazon overlords do nothing. These days, good deal at Woot is like finding a gold nugget in your backyard…very rare.

Edit: Amazon auto edited my comment and substituted Cupid for overlord.

****An interesting note - the Amazon picture of the same item package states “Imported by COSTCO Wholesale”.


Good Morning Everyone! My name is Rob and I represent the manufacturer of these fixtures. If you have any questions about this product, feel free to ask. Have a great day!

This fixture is 48W, 3600 Lumens

Good Morning. That is the correct model.

The 250W equivalent has to do with an equivalence rating requested by customers so they understand the wattage difference between traditional fixtures and LED.

Good Morning. This is a 48W, 3600 Lumen fixture. The model number is ELYSL-5001C.

It can be directly mounted.

How long is the electrical cord?

Hi Wooterdeb,
I believe the cord is 6 feet. I’ll verify and let you know if it’s different.

There is a phrase “You get what you pay for” which typically means quality difference. Do a little investigating on the brands and make an informed decision before you make your buying decision. I think you’ll find a difference between the $32 brand at Costco and the $49 brand being sold on Woot.

Okay, I’ll bite.
Can these be mounted flush to the ceiling?
Also, can this be used with an on/off switch?

Good Morning namorama,
These can be screwed in directly to the ceiling, and have an on/off switch chord attached to the fixture. You can also plug these in to an outlet with an on/off switch on the wall.

Be careful with LED lights around your garage door opener. I put a couple in mine and they were causing interference with the remote. I had to switch them back out. I’m not sure how close one would have to be to cause any problems.

Saw that ruling:
The court order permanently prohibits the defendants from misrepresenting material facts about lighting products, and misrepresenting light output or brightness in lumens, light output equivalency to another product, lifetime of the product, energy costs, energy savings, or energy consumption, or the ability to produce a desired energy-related effect. The order also requires the defendants to meet certain compliance and record-keeping requirements for 20 years.

The judgment was entered by the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, Southern Division, on January 15, 2014.

One would assume that a year later they would be in compliance. I can say that they are the brightest bulb I’ve had and have used.

Thanks! I saw those lights during my weekly trip to Costco, and almost got one. Now I’m tempted to grab a couple to compare with my T8 fixtures.