4' 250 Watt Equivalent LED Shop Light

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4’ 250 Watt Equivalent LED Shop Light
Price: $44.99
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Time to learn all about Energetic Lighting

almost the same price here http://www.shineretrofits.com/energetic-lighting-elysl-5001c-48-watt-4-led-shop-work-light-fixture-2-level-4000k.html $50 + free shipping in October (two 5 star reviews)

I just paid $2.44 for a 4 pack of 60 watt equivalent (800 lumen, 10w consumption) dimmable LED bulbs at walmart. Roughly the same light output (4x800 lumens) as this fluorescent-shaped light.
With LED bulbs at 61c each (I’ve replaced most of the bulbs in the house with LEDs, including inside the fridge, and working my way through the shop and barns with replacing all them), $44 seems like quite a rip off. All you really get is the 4’ reflector and cord, but edison base lamp holders are pretty cheap at building supply stores. Seems like only the oddball decorative LEDs are still pricey. Not sure where they get off charging that ridiculous price for what you could get for $2.44 (and dimmable to boot), but I’m guessing they didn’t see the plummeting price of LED bulbs in their crystal ball before their production run, and have a w warehouse of overpriced shop lights they can’t unload.

Menards sells a very similar shop lamp for $34.99, and that’s before their current sale.


At my local Wally’s they frequently have CFLs and LEDs that have deep incentive discounts built into the price, and the cost is made up by the local power company and a state subsidy. I buy the LEDs at $2.44, the power company kicks in a few bucks and Ohio kicks in a couple bucks and that adds up to $7.44 for 4 LEDs. Now we’re heading toward $2/per bulb.

Woot doesn’t have that kind of arrangement with power companies and states, they’d have to have arrangements with all states that offer incentives as well as power companies.

Ultimately you’re paying lots more than $2.44 for 4 LEDs. It’s just you’re paying some directly to Wally’s and the rest you’re paying to your local power company and the government through those generous taxes you pay. They pay Wally the rest to lower the shelf price, to encourage you to buy something that uses less energy.

Ain’t government great?

These are $35 @ Costco

does it have a pull chain or on off switch or do you have to unplug it to turn it off ?

NOTE - it does not come with any hardware (chains or hooks). If hanging from a roof, that would be extra.

Cheaper at Costco.

You paid $2.44 for a 4-pack of 48" led bulbs?

In this case, I think it is fantastic. I get a superior product that would not otherwise be available but for the public policy. I get this product at a subsidized price. The utility doesn’t need to build a new power plant that takes 35 years to pay off. It is a win win.

I’m assuming he means A19-style bulbs…

Costco. Costco. Costco. The Feit model is $35 with hangers included. And, at least a billion times better return policy.
It seems Woot would get the hint & tell their mothership to sell this stuff at prices half of what their currently offering. 80% to 90% of everything they’re offering can be had elsewhere for the same price or less.


Note. The Cosco ones are not $35. It’s $80 for 2. Effective price is $40. You cannot buy them individually.

My local warehouse has a stack of them on sale for 34.99. The ones in the warehouse are slightly different than the two-packs that are on-line. The on-line ones have a pull chain that the warehouse ones do not.

The Feit Electric LED Utility Shop Light on Amazon (B00LFAY5SM) provides the same brightness and uses only 38 watts (10 watts less than this product).

Good Morning. This has a pull cord to turn on and off.