4' 250 Watt Equivalent LED Shop Light

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4’ 250 Watt Equivalent LED Shop Light
Price: $39.99
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Does this come with a bulb?

Bought these a couple of months ago at Woot’s other offering. By now, one bulb is dead and no response from Energetic Lighting’s through their web site after multiple contact attempts. So, their product is crap and their warranty is a lie.

A very similar light from another, better, brand at a big orange store costs about the same, too. Those are linkable with 19" links, too, unlike this one.

A big warehouse store has these as well for less.

Stay away.

They are built-in bulbs that look like fluorescent lights, but they aren’t. I don’t think they are removable, but save your money – see my post above.

Sorry to hear about your experience. Have you tried reaching out to support@woot.com with your situation? Maybe CS can help you get in touch with the warranty holder.

The same product but higher light output is at Sam’s Club for $35.98. And you can return it more easily if there is a problem with it.

yeah the same but better everything at costco i picked up 3

This is not equivalent to 250watt anything. 3600 lumens is what you get from a traditional 2-tube 4ft flourescent light. A modern 32 watt 4ft lamp shines about 2300 lumens, or 50-80 lumens per watt.

Yep, same here. Picked up 3 at Costco for 29.99 each.

I did the same thing last week before this offer. Glad I did now after reading the reviews. Same price as well and brighter than expected.

Good Morning Everyone! My name is Rob and I represent the manufacturer of these LED fixtures. Let me know if you have any questions. Happy Holidays!

Good Morning,
These fixtures have build in lighting and do not require bulbs.

We have not received any attempt for a return. We honor our warranty policy 100%. Have you attempted to call us??? Here is my email. Email me and I’ll get a return issued right away...rjones@energeticlighting.com

FYI Similar but not the same

If the description is accurate then I couldn’t imaging buying something so bright. My current shop light has two 40 watt tubes for a total of 80 watts. If this thing is really more than three times as bright that seems really excessive for a shop light.

Can these be mounted directly on the ceiling, or do they have to hang?

Our garage only has 8’ ceilings, and the current fixtures (of florescent lights) are mounted directly to the ceiling. I could probably do a short chain setup if necessary, but I’d prefer to be able to mount them directly.

Also, any problem with working in the cold (say, down to 10 F)? One of the reasons I want to replace our florescent lights is that they don’t work in cold weather. I’d expect LEDs to work in cold weather, but I’d hate to spend the money and time, only to have the same problem.

LED “wattage equivalents” are typically based on incandescent bulbs. Probably a bad way to rate it in this use case (since shoplights are fluorescent). I’m guessing your 40 watt fluorescent bulbs are equal to 100+ watt incandescents.

Was going to purchase, after reading reviews and lack of support by manufacturer, I too will look for the cheaper alternative at the big box boys club, where I can easily return if necessary. Thanks WOot…! as always a fairer alternative to the scorching hot sun.

No, it is LED, there are no bulbs nor are there any needed.

Good Morning,
These are only chain mounted fixtures. They are not capable of being ceiling mounted. However, they will work in cold climates. 10 degrees f should be no problem.