4' 250 Watt Equivalent LED Shop Light

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4’ 250 Watt Equivalent LED Shop Light
Price: $39.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Jan 25 to Tuesday, Jan 26) + transit
Condition: New


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Vendor was answering some questions in an Earlier Sale

Bought this before, it broke 2 months later. A rep here helped with the RMA, 'cause the folks at the web site were unresponsive.

Did get an RMA after a week of back and forth, but they refused to give money back and refused to pay for shipping, which is $22 because it’s a large item. Meh. For the hassle, I should have just thrown it away.

Lower price on better lights at the big warehouse store and the big orange store. The latter’s lights are also linkable and brighter.

Stay away.

Just get the one they have on sale at Lowe’s for $35. It has good reviews and is rated at an extra 200 lumens at the the same color temp.

Similar: Sam’s $36 brighter 5000K; Costco $30

Costco is a much better place to go and get better lights for cheaper, and also for the off chance you have an issue with them, the return policy. From reading the comments that are here about every 2 weeks (seems to be about the cycle they pop back on here)the people that need to return/try to return them and find out how much of a hassle it is (paying for shipping of the large item) and even just reaching someone in customer service to help seems to be a hassle.

I myself have 6 of the LED shop lights from Costco, have had them installed and running for close to a year in my garage and will never buy another florescent fixture again. The reasons: Instant on/full bright in cold weather, Much brighter than the old florescent fixtures, no annoying constant hummmmmmmm and also they turn the electric meter much slower.

Since I’ve installed my 6 fixtures, my brother has put 4 in his shop, and my mom is installing them in her barn (8 so far as she phases out the florescents) (where temps have been in the teens/20s and they’re still full bright instantly)

I wanna know how come it is, in the 2± yrs I’ve been followin’ w00t!, that the quality of deals has just turned to bunkum, more than less. Every so often a really good deal is to be found, but not so much anymore. The particular deal here is a really good example of w00t! bunkum - price don’t be that good – product don’t be that good, either…

Best as I recall, things started going downhill real fast after the ‘Amazon announcement’ thing.

Am I the only w00t!er to observe this “phenomenon?” What do all you w00t!ers have to say abt this? I wanna know…

No it is not your imagination.
I noticed the same thing.
This is why I don’t use this site that much anymore.
I’m very careful about the deals I get involved with.
Just saying…

Agree wholeheartedly. The two BoCs I’ve had in the past year were also extremely disappointing. That’s why I pretty much only buy from wine.woot, with rare exceptions. Woot was awesome in 2008.

I’ve got a pair of 4-foot, multi-bulb fluorescent fixtures in my garage that are extremely old. Terrible light output, especially when it’s cold.

They’re wired to a switch (not plugged into an outlet). Anyone know if it’s possible to replace them with these units (or more likely, the sets from Costco)?

I’ve looked at the direct-fit LED bulbs, but I doubt the ballasts in my old fixtures are very good, and haven’t had much luck finding something to install to replace the old fixtures. I’ve wired outlets and switches before, but am not sure if it’s possible to wire these types of fixtures in or not.

I admit, I bought 3 of these the last time I saw them, sometime in Dec 2015. I saw a lot of comments suggesting they were poor quality, but also a few giving them good marks (on Amazon).

While they may not be the best out there, these lights have utterly transformed our garage/work space. We have 2 lights at one end of the garage, illuminating an area for ceramics and an area for wood turning. They make the space like daylight, a wonderful natural light. Perhaps having two of them gives the added bonus of no harsh shadows with illumination from two locations. It’s like working in broad daylight, you can see so well. It’s the kind of natural light you can use to watercolor, with colors still retaining their natural hues.

The third light is over a work bench, and again, the light is phenomenal.

I’m sure there may be better lights out there, but in my opinion, they are awesome. So worth the money.

Not only are Costco’s version cheaper and arguably better with an easier return process, they are going on sale on the 28th for $24.99. Pass on these

Thank you all for your comments!!
I was tempted on these … Saved me a lot of hassle …


Sure, but that’s not the function of these particular lights only. Any light like this, including the brighter and less expensive ones that are plentiful out there, will do the same thing to your garage.

And these are “so worth the money” until they break or you have to ship them back at your own expense. In my case that happened less than two months after purchase.

It’s really not hard to do, just depends what gauge wire it is connecting the light to the switch. If it’s 12 or 14 gauge wire then you can just buy a 15A receptacle and box, cut the wire and expose the copper (turn off the breaker and test it before you touch it!!), and jam the copper into the holes on back of the receptacle and screw it all together in the wall.

If it’s greater than 14 gauge (= smaller wire), or if it doesn’t have a ground wire in it, I would trace it back to the switch and pull it all out and put in 12 or 14 gauge 2-wire. Do not put a 15A receptacle on a smaller wire as it’s a fire hazard and do not wire an outlet without a ground.

Watch youtube videos or ask your home center employees, it’s really not hard to do.

And as always if you’re uncomfortable just call an electrician, they shouldn’t charge much.

Which model specifically? can I buy without a costco membership?

I feel the same. There was a time when I couldn’t sleep well until I had checked what was on woot. Now check once in a while if I have nothing to do. I have missed work for woot offs. Now if I know 1 is going on I might check it more than once a day…

thanks for the info almost made my purchase but waited to hit purchase. glad I did

thanks for the info saved me a headache