4' 250 Watt Equivalent LED Shop Light

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4’ 250 Watt Equivalent LED Shop Light
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Outdoor use?

By definition of a “shop light”, I would assume indoor only.

I would assume any light fixture is indoor use unless specified otherwise.

Costco had a similar, 2-“tube”, 4-ft. LED shop light on sale for $19.99.
Out of stock now.

They absolutely did, normally $29.99 on sale $19.99. 3700 Lumens @ 42 Watt with a pull switch. I bought 15 for two garages and a kitchen. Still available at $29.99.

Sam’s Club has 4500 lumen shoplights for almost the same price, a little less, actually. They take 44 watts and are 5000 degrees Kelvin color (whiter). Same guarantee, I think. Brighter, cheaper, whiter means woot! needs to cut its price.

I purchased this light last year during a previous sale. I have been pleased with it. Of course it’s made in China but it seems well made, the hardware is decent quality, and it puts out a bright, white light as one would expect from the specs. I like having the pull chain on/off switch compared to other shop lights I’ve owned that depend on a wall switch. Maybe it’s priced a bit over market, but the quality varies so much with these products that a favorable recommendation is worth $10 to me. And I give this light fixture a favorable recommendation.

PS - The lamp is easily disassembled so that the housing can be directly attached to the ceiling rather than hanging it from chains. This gives a more stable installation and only requires a ceiling clearance of less than 3 inches. This makes it suitable for 8 ft ceilings as well as higher.

PPS - The box says “This is not designed for use in outdoor or high moisture areas”. However, there is a sticker on the lamp itself that says “Suitable for damp locations”.

On inspecting the components and assembly of this fixture, I would feel totally comfortable installing it on a correctly wired double grounded (3 prong) circuit outdoors in a covered area, such as a porch, covered deck, covered patio, roofed picnic area, and so forth. The assembly is modular, the five components being the sheet metal housing (probably aluminum), two LED drivers, each one 24W with an output of 570mA at 36vDC, a simple on/off pull chain switch wired in series with the black (hot) wire, and the fully enclosed LED panel which is made to appear similar to two 48" fluorescent tubes.

With each fixture using less than 50 watts, you could install as many as 30 of these on a single 1500 watt household circuit breaker. That would give you a light output of 108,000 lumens from 1440 watts. That’s astounding.

Are replacement LED tubes available for this?

I had trouble finding some for my kitchen retro.

This doesn’t actually used real tube bulbs. It has LED strips adhered to the fixture with plastic “tubes” over them. The tubes themselves are actually more of a “U” shape that clip into the fixture.

Can you link?

Having trouble finding this. Can you provide a link?

I bought 4 of them the first time. Quite happy with them. And I really like 4000k color.

They are not selling them online right now, but if you have a store close to you, they have tons of them for sale at $20 apiece (at least my stores have them). They are great.

Dagnabbit, I was just there last night. Didn’t notice them, but doesn’t mean they weren’t there somewhere. Unfortunately the Costco is about 1hr away. :frowning:

Any chance you have a item number similar can call my store to see if they have them.

I don’t have a membership, but for $20 it would be worth it for me to sign up to get these.

Do these use a grounded (3-prong) plug or just a 2-prong? I’d like to connect to my existing light sockets so these are on the normal light switch but that would require a 2-prong (or rewiring the light socket fixture).