4' LED Work Lights - Your Choice

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4’ LED Work Lights - Your Choice
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I’m seriously thinking about putting one of these in the hallway by my pantry, but there’s a problem. If I replaced the existing 8" round fixture with this, I’d need to run the wiring through the top of the fixture near one end instead of the center.

Does the hardwired light have knockouts near the end (not on the side panels for linking multiple lights, but on the top), or would I have to drill a hole myself and therefore most likely void the warranty?

Just a suggestion; I would get the plugin light since the power is already on the end and flush mount it. You could either turn the existing light into an outlet or cut the plug and hardwire it.

Something does not seem to add up…
“4’” fixture that measures “47.36” L x 3.54" W x 1.69" H"
Last I checked 4’ = 48".
What did you guys do with the remaining .64"?

They are using the same tape measure as the guys who make tvs. My guess is that it is a metric to inch conversion artifact.

What’s the difference between the two fixtures outside of the wiring? What kind of bulbs does it use?

Looks like they rounded up :wink:

Replace those old fluorescents with these LED lights, one for one, and that dark , dingy workspace will turn into a bright, dingy workspace.

The knockouts are on the side panels. The one on top is in the center of the fixture.

I bought several of these. One was to replace the florescent fixture in the MBR closet - Much brighter and a nicer color now. 2 were installed in my shed workshop replacing incandescent fixtures. They really make a great difference

is this the same as

[Mod edit: The offer you linked requires a $50 minimum spend, and the cheapest shipping option I got for my zipcode was $15]

Looks like the plug-in one. $7 was the cheapest shipping option for me.


Costco, Feit brand. Very high quality. Useful features. Unbeatable return policy and don’t pay for shipping if there’s a Costco near you.
I have ten of these installed in my shop. Half the wattage as florescent; no humming, instant brighter, whiter light. Excellent value at Costco.
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It does not have replaceable bulbs. The LEDs are mounted on strips. But the energy savings and longevity should make it worth it.

The differences are small. The 5001c is chain mounted with a plug and the 8024c is surface mounted with direct wire installation. The lumens and wattage are close (specs in the detail page here) and both come with Energy Star.

Per the vendor team: The main differences are plug in versus hard wired. But they also put out a different amount of light. They are also slightly different dimensions. The bulbs are LEDs but emulate the look and feel of a traditional shop light with fluorescent T8 bulbs.

Is there not a way to buy 1 of each? Unlike other woots where there’s an option, this one seems to be all or nothing of one kind.

Help me woot gods, your my only hope

(if I can’t do it, I’m probably out. And I don’t want to pay $5 extra shipping by having someone else order one for me)

Choose one and click Add to Cart. Choose the other and repeat. :slight_smile:

Thanks! You can tell I don’t woot much anymore… I totally forgot we had a cart “now”

EDIT: Argh, and now the hardwired are sold out evidently, I can’t select them.