4-Flip Wedge Pillow

What kind of special [pillow case] sheets will I need to fit this pillow? I don’t think I would want to sleep on this as is for too long.

I like this, but all of our pillow cases are burgundy.

Wonder if I could find extra’s online?

Chastity, Purity and Honor from the write-up haven’t envisioned how couples might use this pillow…just sayin’

How durable is the pillow? It looks good but will it last.

There are pillow cases available on the product site.

And it’s Back to School week here at Woot. My son uses a similar prop-up pillow on his dorm bed all the time. They’re quite useful since they don’t really have room for a comfy chair in those rooms.

Works as a wedge. However, NOT adequate for use in, ahem, “bed intensive activities”.

$14.99 plus $4.99 shipping which doubles the total price. Sorry, this is not the deal I’m looking for.

(Hard to believe they are not doing a special for Wooters to move some product.)

Also available on amazon

Hope you get a QP since this could push people to buy.


Allow me to help. It is but is $14.99 and shipping is $3.99. Still just about doubles the cost of the pillow.

How does this one compares against the Liberator?

Speaking of the disappointed parent… $39.19 but shipping is free but it is sold by FootSmart which doesn’t seem to go together.

The one I see doesn’t have shipping expense…even so, costs less than my chiropractor

Oh My. Please do be careful googling that one from work.

This is also great for propping up tired legs in bed.

Liberator is more supportive, but this would work better than two pillows together :wink:

I was gonna bite but then saw the terrible reviews on Amazon. Apparently, the foam is too weak to provide any support. The fact that the entire pillow is only 2 lbs does suggest that the foam isn’t very dense or firm.

Those who don’t care about aesthetics can always use a nylon or cotton laundry bag as a pillow case. I’ve seen them in Dollar Stores. If you don’t like the draw string, simply cut it and remove. Voila, a large pillow case.