4” Glow Sticks 24 Pack (Assorted Colors)

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4" Glow Sticks 24 Pack (Assorted Colors)
$2.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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WOW!!! Sooo glad I was awake for this!.. I’m going to rave for hours!!!

Better deal than Amazon’s 50 pack for $30.

So I guess this would be 24 for thur24ay? Or is that a stretch?

Don’t forget to stay hydrated.

You think this would be a lame Halloween giveaway? Rather than candy?

Good price…

7.99 for 25 on amazon

and RIP Steve Jobs.

Did they mix up woot and kids.woot today?

Perfect for Halloween for my little siblings! In for 3…or 72. Ha, maybe 3 packs is excessive?

Nah. You can never have too many glowsticks.

After witnessing first hand an accident at Halloween due in large part because there was not enough light on the child that was injured, buy three of these and plaster them on your kids when they go a trick-or-treating - you just might be glad you did.

Everyone should get three of these. After all, Dave’s on tour!

In for three. My little brother will get a kick out of these.

I’m shocked, goodnight

Wish I could buy more than 3x.

How glow sticks work.

Price is good…a little too good…a little “lead paint” good.

Ah well, in for 3.

I’ll either have a lot of fun with these in dark places, or I’ll hand them out during Halloween if kids finally go through my apartment complex.

Glow sticks are FUN! :slight_smile:
I love the feel of breaking glass between my fingers.

and RIP Steve Jobs.

Cyalume light sticks are one of the few products from pre-SteveJobs days that still excite me! :smiley:

Buy three and go as a “Lite Brite” for Halloween.