4” Glow Sticks – Assorted Colors – 24 Count


woot off :slight_smile:

I’ve missed the last 5 and tonight I thought, you know, I’ll wait the last two minutes and see what pops up. Yay!

Oh crap a wootoff X( I HAVE WORK IN THE MORNING WOOT! WHY MUST YOU TORTURE ME. guess I better go get some energy drinks for tomorrow…


WHY always on a night where I have to work the next day? :frowning:

These are smaller than I expected. They are great for about 30min, fun for 1-2hrs, then dim for another 6hrs.

Oh man, I have been waiting for this !!! WOOT OFF, what finals week you say? NOPE done studying my eyes are glued to the monitor til this is over!

Also these glow sticks work very well for any type of party. They make great hand outs and can be used as stocking stuffers. Everybody loves glow sticks.

woot!-off!!! woot!-off!!! woot!-off!!! woot!-off!!! woot!-off!!!

Get out the way, we got a Woot!-Off

We’re pigging out down at the Woot! trough

Ain’t gonna stop until the Woot!-Off is done

You figure you get one Woot! per day

And if it’s junk then that’s just the way

But now an avalanche of Woot!s is released

And where there once was famine we feast

It’s giving me an F5 complex,

Refreshing just to see what’s up next

Checking back to shop for what’s new

I don’t want it but I hope that you do

Cause a new Item won’t come up

Until all of these are gone.

Those are the rules of the Woot!-Off

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Ain’t gonna stop ‘till the Woot!-Off is done

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A cell phone with a weird-ass design

How will this thing ever sell out?

This will start a new item drought
Who would ever buy this dumb thing?

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I’m posting in the blog to decry

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Those are the rules of the Woot!-Off

We’re pigging out down at the Woot! trough

Ain’t gonna stop ‘till the Woot!-Off is done

A woot!-off video… more of a still picture with sound.

A woot!-off video showing lyrics…

CBS 2 in NY mentioning a 2 year old woot! in 2006.

Just a little video showing a pallet from a BOC. Also serves as a reminder that we have not seen a pallet, let alone a letter in a while. :frowning: Was TPW the only one able to write such great messages? Did TPW take the woot! stationary with them?

Now… will there be a GoPro Hero2 in my woot!ing future? Pretty please?

great start to a Woot-Off. In for 3, yes, to put away for next Halloween.

[Quality post]

What? No, I’m not mocking you!

Sadly, in for 3: I have a lot of power outages and these are awesome for saving flashlight batteries in smaller rooms like the bathroom, where one glowstick lasts for hours.

I was hitting refresh until it allowed posting, and the second it did it said there was 1 post already and I typed a quick one and got post #4. So who knows.

So much for getting anything done at work tomorrow. Woot off!

woot still has glow sticks left? amazing.

Nah, it’s cool, Woot, I didn’t want to sleep or anything.

Absolutely perfect if you’re planning on holding a rave.

(Do people still do that?)

wooot offf!!

Its the infamous pre-holiday woot-off! woot!

got these before halloween, they do not hardly glow very long. Super excited opening them up, bright then dud.