4” Glow Sticks – Assorted Colors – 24 Count

These are smaller than you think. Still great for Halloween.


Lightswitch rave time

Pretty fun, decent lifespan and the light they give off is pretty decent. That being said, it’s probably not the best thing to get when your wife thinks you buy enough junk as is. Opps.

I bought three. I don’t know why, either. But hey, glowsticks!

I bet these would be fun to attach to bicycle tire spokes, too.

I would love to get some of these, but I bought 3 of these a few months ago and somebody stole them from my porch. woot said they would replace them, but they never did.
So sad.

Adult here who threw a 2 night wop (jungle juice) rager for Halloween and decorated with these - they’re awesome.

In for 3.

in for 3. now i have to book my calendar for raves.

I’ve a friend who does glow sticking. Would 4" be useful to her?

My 4 year old loves these. They were a big hit in the goody-bags at her birthday party.

Great for the kiddos at ANY night event! And for some of us “grown” kids. :slight_smile:

My nephew sells them to people around the park on the fourth of July and makes a pretty penny!

Got some of these last year. Not terribly bright, but cheap.

Why on earth isn’t this on Kids’ Woot??

That feeling when you’re neurotically spamming F5 to get rid of the ‘Sold Out!’ only to see glowsticks as the next item.



:mmm: :chaching: :wink: :bs:

$1 cheaper per pack than when I bought them in November – quite a deal! I’m in for 3 more – they made great stocking-stuffers at Christmas for the nieces and nephews and my sister’s first-grade students.

Do you have to activate them? Any idea how long they last before activation?

This is cool!
I bought a pack of 100 glow sticks for a camping trip in total wilderness with several other families with little ones: at night, a glowstick or two attached to each jacket zipper and we had everyone accounted for at all times! (+they loved it so they didn’t try to take them of!)
PS: the glowsticks resisted any biting and chewing, even from the dogs!

If the size matters to her activity, 4" might not be enough to satisfy her needs.

I bought these last time they were on. My kids LOVE them. I’m in for 3 more. I don’t care if that means I’ve got 100+ glowsticks in the house. It’s a rave at Casa Brickfrenzy! untz untz untz