4” Glow Sticks – Assorted Colors – 24 Count

How much for the SquareDeal warranty?


Where do you go when the light go out?

I see what you did there, and I like it.

You activate by twisting them to break the separation between liquids: kids love doing that themselves.
The ones I had last summer (looked very much like these) lasted all night long; the yellow ones were still glowing a little the next night.

I did the same. Everybody loved them.

Wow man, like groovy!

Great but where is the drop???

great for sexy hide-and-go-seek.

these are awesome. I bought 2 packs last time they came up - buying 3 this time. i gave them away to the trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood last year & they were a big hit. The parents loved them, too.

It’s funny that you guys think glow sticks are still used at raves.

In for my THIRD bag of THREE. These are awesome at music festivals, parties, raves, orgies, anywhere you have a gathering of intoxicated people. I write them off as safety equipment. :slight_smile:

First Woot Off in a while I am home for and there is nothing I want. My Wife managed to get to you too Woot didn’t she?

Great for the car or when the electricity goes out at home.

Oh…and I guess I’ll give some to kids. I guess.

Got these in Oct. and put them in goodie bags for the school Halloween party. The kids loved them and every one of the sticks that I saw lit up. Buying again for birthday party bags.


"Da system…is down
“Da system…is down”

Well, I was thinking of taking up LSD. I guess this settles it!

utu ut

that’s what she said?

I got 3 too.