4-Pack Exquisite Hotel Collection Pillows-3 Sizes

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4-Pack Exquisite Hotel Collection Pillows-3 Sizes
Price: $34.99
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Comments from a previous offer

I bought these last time and love them, buying two moar sets

How soft are these? I like a pretty soft pillow because I sleep on my stomach.

So is the name of the brand - “Exquisite Hotel Collection” and not the same as the “Hotel Collection” brand sold in department stores?

I bought these last time they came around (in King-sized)…wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. They come in a box you would think could barely accommodate one, let alone four. Apparently, they have a process that lets them compact and roll the pillows extremely tightly so they can fit in the box — no problem…except, you have to realize that if they could be compacted down that far, they don’t offer much in the way of support.

Yes, after you follow directions and fluff them up and let them “expand” for a day, they are sizable, and will look good in the correct-sized sham for your bed — but put your head on one and they lose their fullness. Let’s face it: if they had more consistency, they couldn’t be rolled up and put into that box. You end up folding them to get any support. If you like a really soft pillow, go for it.

Thank you for the warning!!

I get mine off the Price Is Right…wait a minute, were you talkin’ to me?

Per the description: “•This pillow is ideal for destinations that focus on environmentally-friendly comfort and firm support.”

But what if you stacked 2 together at the same time? That’s generally how I sleep with my current pillows.

Calling people morons won’t get you very far in life young man.

Putting an apostrophe in the word “morons” won’t help your credibility either.

The apostrophe makes your comment ironic/fun.

Great price, but. Microfiber cover is cheaper than high grade cotton and almost impossible to clean well. Body oils are really tough to thoroughly wash from microfiber. OK for shirts but not so much for pillows.

MSUP Manufacturers Suggested Unreal Price.

“Set of four down-alternative pillows” - Always makes me laugh! Anyone who would equate polyester to down probably will love these…

Normally I’d delete this statement but wooters are having so much fun, I’m just gonna leave it right there. Yep, just gonna sit back and enjoy.

Everyone knows that list prices are mostly fiction. And we get them from our vendors or the manufacturers.

Quality posts:0 - The streak continues.

Obviously the Morons are the manufacturer, the wholesaler, the Mothership, and Woot (for allowing the scam to continue). Saying a pillow, especially these, retails for $340 immediately tells us these pillows are a scam, sold by a scam/shady company and are only for those gullible enough to believe anything they read. I dare Woot to produce a single receipt for a sale of these pillows anywhere on the planet for any price over $100.

That said, in for three bargains.