4-Pack Exquisite Hotel Collection Pillows-3 Sizes

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4-Pack Exquisite Hotel Collection Pillows-3 Sizes
Price: $34.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 weeks. (Monday, Jan 11 to Tuesday, Jan 12) + transit
Condition: New


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Howdy wooters. Please note that the sale says these are “Made to Order” so please allow a little extra time for these to ship out.

Just in time, I am ready for new pillows.

I’ve never tried gel fiber pillows before. Best case: comfy new pillows for my bed. Worst case: pillows for guests to sleep on.

Plus, the price.


Nothing exquisite about these pillows. Don’t waste your money. Any hotel that would offer these pillows for their customers would be rated one star. These pillows offer no support. I gave mine away.

These pillows suck. Don’t waste the money I did.

These are ‘el cheapo’ pillows…not even worth a $10 bill!!!

I know it’s only imaginary list prices, but 90% off? Yep…Buy these with no expectations other than being run-of-the-mill $8 pillows, about what these cost. King size being the same price as standard should’ve been your first sign.

If you want “exquisite” pillows that a reputable hotel would use, look elsewhere like name brands at higher-end department stores. Where was the last 5-star hotel you stayed at named “Fancy Hotel” or…“Exquisite Hotel (A Ritz-Carlton Reserve)”?

I ordered these last time they were up and returned them. They are indeed very soft and cozy feeling, but they have no firmness to them whatsoever. They offer no support and will be flat as a pancake in no time. They are not terribly fluffy even when they are new.

But… If you like soft, flat pillows, you will LOVE these!

Wish I could purchase these…but they don’t ship to Hawaii…LAME

This is why love Woot!

I bought these before and really like them. They are very soft and I would compare them to my 100% down pillow I have had for 20 years, soft, fluffy, and no feathers to stick you in the middle of the night.
Just my opinion.

Bought these the last round. Would rather use any pillow from Wal-mart than these.

Save your money.

You do realize you are on Woot, right? We Wooters are looking for deals. Even if they were selling $10 bills for $4 someone would point out that with $5 shipping that comes to $9 – not much of a savings.

I know, RIGHT!? I wanted to take advantage of that $5 shipping to Rigel 7, but Nooooo… Woot is so stuck up about not spending more than the product to ship intergalactic.


I bought these for my teen-age boys last time they came around and they love them. Maybe because their old pillows were walmart pancakes but I don’t think so. The pillows feel like other down-alternative ones I have been considering. I like them. And you can’t beat the price.

WOOT is playing mind games by jacking the list price out of sight to make you feel like you are getting one hell of a deal by discounting it by 90%. They know some folks out there will believe that they are real discounts and buy based on that. One has to use common sense to determine if it is a good deal or not … not list price.

Never had a hotel pillow that was remotely comfortable. List price of 340??? Wow, much like the 4,000 dollar watches for $12.
9th day of the year and nothing worth purchasing yet.