4-Pack Exquisite Hotel Collection Pillows-3 Sizes

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4-Pack Exquisite Hotel Collection Pillows-3 Sizes
Price: $34.99
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Condition: New


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I’m rarely awake at the beginning of a Woot. So, this is rare.

4.5 Stars in 50 reviews, $99


What is the difference among the 3 size pillow? I can’t find it in the link.

Contain pillow case ?

Those are all “I received these pillows for free for my honest review”-type 5-stars, so it makes you wonder how fair the 4.5 is.

Under specs:

Dimensions: 20" x 26"
Fill Weight: 30 Oz

Dimensions: 20" x 30"
Fill Weight: 35 Oz

Dimensions: 20" x 36"
Fill Weight: 42 Oz

Summary of comments from previous sales.

  1. MSRP has no basis in reality so ignore the % off

  2. most people said they had little support and flattened easy not worth the $10 each


  1. they do seem to be good for stomach sleepers who need a soft not very high pillow.

These are definitely not hotel pillows. They are decent for the price ($35 for 4 pillows). I sleep well on them and they are pretty comfy so that is all that matters. They are softer than usual though but good thing you get 4.

That’s why I always go read the lowest reviews to see what the people that didn’t like it say. Often that will be something totally irrelevant, or I got a broken thing.

In this (pillow)case, all three 2 star reviews said the pillow was too soft. So if you like extremely soft pillows this maybe the pillow for you.

Double stacking a guested pillow will result in a very sore muscles ck from improper spinal alignment. No way in hell these are $80 pillows. You can get far better ones from Marriott for $30 each.

These look like, and the fill description sounds exactly like some I bought at Costco that got lump and flat in less than a month. Come on foot, stop inflating the retail price and sell quality, not junk.

These do not come with a pillow case.

FakeSpot.com gives the quality of the reviews for this product an “F” (http://fakespot.com/product/soft-exquisite-hotel-luxury-plush-down-alternative-pillows-4-pack-king-size-gel-fiber-filled-hypoallergenic-peachy-soft-microfiber-gusseted-shell-soft-density-ideal-for-stomach-sleepers-694d3ac3-73ac-4640-99dd-bb165b77dbf2). Always leery of a product that needs to be pumped up by a bunch of garbage reviews.

So glad I read the comments before clicking the buy now button!!

Thanks, bookmarked fakespot.com.

Aldi is going to have pillows on sale next week two-packs for $7.99.

I went thru uncountable pillows in the last 10 years or so, they start out fine but very quickly compact and flatten. I seem to be more sensitive to this than I was in the past, either I have changed or the pillows used to be better. I have friends who say the same, in fact a group of us takes a yearly trip, and rent a VRBO house for it. We all end up going thru the LR or whatever, grabbing the nice firm decorative pillows to take to our beds. Many people consider the cheap flat pillows to be a problem, it’s widespread.

Maybe 8 months ago I finally sprang for a pair of “My Pillow”. Not cheap, but realize that there is almost always a 50% off (or BOGO) event going on. Still, 2 king size to the door was $130. But at this point I declare them a bargain, simply put, they do not flatten easily. When they do show slight signs of flattening, simply wash and dry them. They come out like new. As of now, I just cannot consider any other pillows, period, and I need to get a couple more of the my pillow for our guest beds.

Hotel bedding is some of the most uncomfortable bedding in the world, so how the heck is it a good marketing technique to claim this is hotel quality?

I’ve wondered if the “My Pillow” was worth it. I too have noticed my pillows flatten out too quickly in the last few years. Maybe Woot can score a deal on selling “My Pillow” someday. Thanks for your post!

Thank you very much for your input, and for pointing out this awesome site! I’ll definitely be using this in the future.

Quality post! :slight_smile: