4 Pack Gusseted Microfiber Gel Pillow-2 Sizes

I’m confused about a couple things here. The title says 2 sizes $26.99, but neither size option is $26.99… Then in the features section it says 4 pack but last bullet says “set of two”.

The pillows SEEM very nice. I ordered a 4 pack of King size pillows similar to these last week for under $40. I received a 2 pack of standard size pillows. After inquiry into the situation I was told by email that they could issue a $5 credit or return for a full refund. What’s that? There is a four pack of standard pillows on this site for $29.99, AND a king size 4 pack for $43.99, but woot.com wants to essentially charge me $25 for a 2nd pack of pillows in the wrong size… no thank you. So sad right now woot.