4-Pack Hotel Luxe Collection Pillows

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4-Pack Hotel Luxe Collection Pillows
Price: $29.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 5-7 business days. (Thursday, Feb 04 to Friday, Feb 05) + transit
Condition: New


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Mine went flat pretty much instantly. I took them out of their packaging and let them rest 24 hours, as instructed. They just are not what I expected.

Two back to back price drops

Here is some discussion

I took a gamble on these the last time they came up on Woot. I lost.

They fall flat very quickly and offer very little support. They also don’t stay cool, which makes for unpleasant sleeping. These are now my guest room pillows where they won’t get used too often.

Also, while I know it’s not something Woot controls, the MSRP is a joke. I suspect it’s a way to lure people in. “93% savings?!? How could I say ‘no?’”

93% off the MSRP?!?!?!?!? Wow! What’s wrong with these pillows?

Don’t be fooled by the MFRP. There’s no way they sell for this much. It’s why they are here. I did the same thing everyone else does when they see that great savings. I jumped on it. I was very disappointed. I love this site but these pillows should be removed. Same thing everyone else says. They have no support. Flat in seconds.

$460.00 93% off List Price?

That’s insulting

Recently ordered 8 pillows.
4 arrived and they were the incorrect size.
Pillows are cheaply made pillows.
Waiting on response to see how Woot will resolve this issue.

I got what I expected for $30.00. I put them in regular sized pillow cases and they are just okay. You are buying cheap pillows - period.

Wow, these pillows seem to have everyone down.

I’ve learned to always read the comments before jumping on these “too good to be true” deals. Thankyou, I’ll save my money

Do they have a usb connection?

I’ve learned to always read the comments before jumping on these “too good to be true” deals. Thankyou, I’ll save my money

I, too, have learned to always read the comments before jumping on these “too good to be true” deals. Thankyou, I’ll save my money

They won’t. I’d never buy sheets, pillows or towels on woot again.

Save your money!!!
We purchased these pillows the last time they were on woot.com and we were totally disappointed.
They are flat after sleeping on them once. They are cheaply made from China, the retail value is way out of line and a joke. Buy better pillows from Walmart or JC Penney.

I wonder why Woot doesn’t read the comments and get it. The universal opinion seems to be this is a bum deal. Comments saved me and I appreciate it.

This is the third deal in two days that I’ve looked at that was a crap product according to all previous wooters. Not one dissenting comment on the quality of the “Apple” lightning cables, the “Venus” razor blades, and these “luxe” pillows.

Although I’ve been happy with some recent woots, I’m sadly, slowly realizing that this site - once so completely awesome - is now a mixed clearing house with some good, some bad.

I didn’t jump on the “BOO WOOT” bandwagon after the Amazon deal happened - hoping instead that increased buying power would be great for Woot and that we’d all benefit. It has been a while, but I can’t deny that I’ve been slow to notice and am only just accepting that the standards really have changed, and not for the better.

Too bad, Woot! I am an Amazon fan and a Woot fan, but whereas I’ve always been diligent about researching products on Amazon, because hell, they sell anything and everything!, I am not sure this will work with Woot. So many deals are time sensitive, pull-the-trigger now type pressures - which really only works with a vendor that vets their offerings and - ideally - winnows out this kind of low-quality crap (LET ALONE OFFERING IT AGAIN!)

Sorry for the frickin novel. Very disappointed.

Please post and share. I ordered 4 king size pillows, received 2 standard pillows and was offered to return them for refund or $5 back. What an insult. Pretty much done shopping with woot.com. too many mess ups lately!