4-Pack T8 LED 18 Watt Bulbs

How long has your company been in business? How long have your company been selling LED T* lamps?

It looks like you’re a brand new company without a website? Is this your company?


These are 26.99 on amazon with free shipping. Reviews are mixed.


I just ordered 4 of the Hyperikon for almost twice the price, but won’t receive them until tomorrow.

I think I’ll try these but will order them cheaper and with an easier return.

Sorry Woot.

I think some manufacturers put stuff on Woot just to generate a little buzz. (Sorry, that’s a non-electronic ballast pun. )

Oops, I linked to the Hypericon bulbs I bought. This is the Triangle bulbs.


I’ld like to see some replacement leds for the T12’s

Are these rated for outdoor use, or in a damp location?

Electrician here:

You’re looking at them. The same “tombstones” (fixture sockets) fit both T-8’s and T-12’s.

The page says use with or without ballasts; I recommend without, as ballasts use some power.

Not specifically as far as I can tell, but fluorescent and LED bulbs are technically sealed units, and have been used outdoors for years. I don’t suggest direct water contact, but they’ll work fine in damp locations.

It is their site, or rather, will be. That URL (with 3 W’s) is printed at the bottom of the page shown in the bottom thumbnail.