4-Pack Wellrest Pillows - Your Choice

I think MADE IN THE USA should be featured in the title.
I always try to buy USA!!!

What style did you get? Trying to decode which one out of the 3 is best…I typically like a firmer pillow. Do you have any suggestions?

I was in need of some guest room pillows, so I bought these. They are horrible. RUN away. DO NOT buy these.

I bought the microfiber gusset pillows. The fabric is the cheapest thing ever (not that it matters - most people use a pillowcase. I hope). The stitching on the seams not only looks awful, it feels like it’s about to rip at any second. It’s the thinnest thread and the worst stitching they could have used.

When you lay on these pillows, they deflate to nothing. They feel like they are literally filled with cotton balls.

Even at $7.50 a piece, I feel ripped off and horrified. You can find way better pillows for the same price or cheaper at wal mart. Or better yet Sams club. They have some awesome cheap pillows. I should have stuck with that instead of hoping for an upgrade.

This is my first woot purchase that I am absolutely disappointed in. I will not use these pillows. I wouldn’t torture my guests that way. I wouldn’t even ask my dog to sleep on these. They are horrendous and horrible and cheaply made in every single way.

Woot - you ruined my day. I think you marked the price up for this sale because I can’t imagine anyone who saw these pillows paying even what you charged. You should be ashamed of yourself.