4-Piece Dorm Room Comfort in a Bag Set

Your kids will thank you for that mattress topper. Son’s dorm bed was hard as a rock.

Your kids will thank you for that mattress protector. ._.

LOL. Son’s bed was a plastic/vinyl material. Real class there.

Doesn’t seem that 1.5" would provide much cushioning. No mention of how dense the foam is.
Also, the picture shows the topper exactly the same dimension as the mattress while the specs say the topper is 5" narrower and 4" shorter than what a twinXL size is.
Only the mattress protector is correct for a TwinXL.
What gives?
Perhaps the topper is really for a twin size mattress and they are packaging this up with the twinXL cover and calling it a deal?

I have been in the military for 18 years. I can tell you our mattresses are terrible. Mattress toppers are truly a blessing.

While the 1.5" may not seem like much and will certainly not turn a mattress into a Sleep Comfort Temperwhatnot… It’s a matter of every little bit helps. And a little on top of hardly anything is really a lot. 0 + 1 = 1. Before you had nothing. Now you have an immeasurable benefit!

When did XL become only 80 inches? That used to be L and XL was 84 inches. It used to be impossible to find XL linens because of that. Now the Twin XL is the same length as an ordinary adult bed. Marketing - yuk.