4-Tier Heavy Duty Large Rack

4-Tier Heavy Duty Large Rack

So, I guess the best way to get the one I want is to order 18, and return 17.

No no no, you misunderstand woot. If you try that, they will unload 18 of the most hideous color available on you, just ask the 9 prison orange t-shirts I got the last time I ordered 3x 3-packs of ‘random color’ shirts.

YMMV. I ordered 2 refurb’d origiami things, the kitchen cart and the 4-tier heavy duty rack, and both had misaligned or bent rails. Not super terrible because I don’t use them as display but it’s not the level of quality I generally expect from refurbished.

Why so much origiami?

It’s our Daily sale - Origami products.