40% Off Woot! Shirt orders

Thank. Am found it.


Was JUST about to link that one for YOUR benefit.

Scream!! Has penguins. That’s it. Penguins and squirrels. Better than humans.

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Uh huh. Because it should be a blanket? I agree.

I was hoping there was still a copy of my posts from the old forums that highlighted the differences … but nope. The bazillion posts of me griping about the mutant Anvil blanks don’t apply anymore anyways.

So despite the same measurement specs, my experience is that the classic Port and Company comes out to be about 1" wider than noted; length is as advertised. The neckline is tighter than on the Canvas, the sleeves are more squared off, and the body has is seamless.

The fitted Canvas is as noted for width, but the length has often been a half inch to an inch longer than advertised. The neckline is a bit looser than on the Port and Company, the sleeves have a sharper taper, and the body is side seamed.

Both of the blanks have held up well even when I’m lazy and use the dryer.


Ok- Ill give it a try- thanks for the reply

I LOVE this one!

Check out my USA Collection. If you don’t buy one, you’re a Commie! But, don’t worry… I have Commie shirts too: https://shirt.woot.com/catalog?q=simic&sort=most-recent :us:

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image https://media2.giphy.com/media/Nl6T837bDWE1DPczq3/giphy.gif

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Why/how is that?

The coupon?
Oh, things happen. Third party vendors.

The 15.02?
Two $15 ones and the one from the app game for $10. So $40, minus discounts, plus tax, a little math and $15.02.

Why do I buy tshirts? Society expects it.


Society is wrong. Go topless for the betterment of humankind. Be sure to have bail money handy.

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I would except it’s cold in the office. I’m in a hoody with a blanket cape. As soon as the current gerbil faints and the whole system goes down I’ll start stripping.


Take pictures! :smiley:


The furry animal, or is that a code word for something?

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Some companies are powered by Intel. We have a bunch of gerbils. That’s also where the smell is coming from.

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Why am I not seeing the 40% discount at checkout??

Are you logged in with prime?
Do you see a note asking you to “use this address”? Or something similar? Click that and let it refresh.

I go bottomless everywhere but at least have the decency to wear a shirt.


That’s no fun!

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