40" TV & A Bunch of Stickers

damn that was fast

Just woke up to this, threw the combo in the cart, and thwarted by the re-login, sold out. Congrats to those who got it!

Why the heck is Shirt Woot selling a television? That’s just…wrong.

awww man, I could so use that tv, my 42" just fell of the table edge while cleaning and broke :frowning:

Realized after I bought that it is a random 10 pack. I hope i get nude cupcake!

Got one.

I do feel like a lucky SOB, just happened to get the feeling this might be one of those deals, so I was refreshing a bunch. Kindof looking forward to the stickers, too. :slight_smile:

Dang… nice… to bad I didn’t get one

how much did the tv sell for exactly…

This makes two ‘holy crap’ deals I’ve actually had the privilege of snagging. I had one bag of crap, and now the TV that was a fluke. Good luck guys, I just missed the wii u earlier.

At least I got the stickers. I’m pretty excited about that!

came up 99.00 for me, free shipping, but i had an extra item in my cart, so my total was 115 (with shipping of the second item)

Congratulations! Now you have to decorate your TV with stickers.

I am so, so, SO incredibly frustrated. the ONLY thing I wanted to purchase this entire weekend was a half decent tv for sub 100 bucks, and every time I get close to finding one, they’re essentially sold out.

I hardly ever buy things for myself either, so the sting is twice as potent considering I probably won’t be getting anything at all.

Try to stay positive. I know it stings, i beat myself up over the wii u system (nephew would have went insane), but i was deadset on getting SOME kind of a deal for my list. Good luck!

Now to see all the things I missed by being asleep …

Wii U combo

Stickers again please!!!