400TC 100% Cotton Sheet Set with Contrast Hem

Percale or sateen weave?
That’s all anyone cares about besides being 0% polyester…

Can you explain the difference to me? I see people talking about those options here on the forums all the time!

(Also- I’ll reach out to the Home team to find an answer for your question.)

The percale is what you think of when you think “crisp cool cotton sheets”. The sateen weave feels more like satin or silk. It’s mostly a personal preference thing. I prefer the percale myself, and every set of sateen sheets I’ve had has “pilled up” in just a few months… (the annoying little knotty things that end up feeling like sandpaper).

Cool! Thanks for the explanation. I’ll be on the look out to spot the differences when I stay in hotels and airbnbs!


Heard back from the vendor! These are sateen weave.