400TC 100% Cotton Sheet Set with Single Hole Hem

The specs don’t state the weave type, such as sateen or percale. Can woot workers please post that.

I want to know the same thing: sateen or percale. I’ve googled these sheets also and none of the advertisers state the weave.

And anyone see a brand name?
Is this to make it harder to search & find reviews saying “these are tripple twist thread, so really 130TC sandpaper” we have seen so many times for sheets on Woot?
I used to love the honesty of user reviews before Amazon bought Woot & sanitized it.


Hey guess what! The buyer loves you guys and your beds too. He wants you to have the gosh darn best looking beds in town. Can’t believe it but he’s gone and lowered the price. What the sheet? Buy that sheet!

If you already purchased, that money will hop back in your pockets soonish.

I have confirmed with our buyer that these are Sateen sheets.

Anyone know how these look out of the dryer?
All too often I get wrinkled messes.

Agree! If I knew the weave was percale, I might try a set.