40N Red Boat Fish Sauce 250ml, 3 Pack

40N Red Boat Fish Sauce 250ml, 3 Pack

$12.95 per @ mikuni webset PLUS shipping so this is good (not great) deal. gotta try it cause i love anchovies.

I just bought a 8.45 oz bottle of this stuff at Trader Joes for $6.00

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Not sure how this is a deal… Woot’s Overlord, Amazon is selling 500 ml bottles of this exact sauce for $13.90. 500 ml set at Woot’s price per/ML, would be $19.99. Not a deal.

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Amazon: 500ml for $13.99

Woot: 750ml for $29.99


So, I looked at Amazon.

The corresponding listing for a 250ml 3 pack would be this:



Were you looking at this?


Larger anything is almost always cheaper per ounce. Less materials (bottle glass), less retail shelf space, etc. It’s all on what you want. Do you use it enough to warranty a 500ml bottle. Or would you be better off with smaller bottles that aren’t opened until you need them.

Please don’t buy this as a dipping sauce. It’s good to put in other sauces, I have a caramel chicken recipe I use a lot of fish sauce in.

Fish sauce tastes good, not like anchovies, but it smells awful, so it wouldn’t make a great dipping sauce unless you’re taming the smell like what they do in Korea.

This is good stuff, but I can buy it at my local market for cheaper than this (can’t remember the price right now, the bottle I have is going strong, and it’s been a while). It’s fish sauce, it doesn’t go bad quickly, especially if you keep it in the fridge.

This is coming in late, but my local Asian store has the 500ml bottle for $8.50. I’m in small town Iowa, although we do have a Southeast Asian population, so I figure most decent sized towns with an Asian store should beat this price. It truly is the Champaign of fish sauces.

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