420 High-Fi Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Looks like a lot of people here actually did believe the D.A.R.E. campaign in school. I personally don’t use cannabis but it’s not a devil weed like the government wants you to believe. 23 states now have medical Marijuana, and for a reason.

I used to live in Amsterdam and I can tell you right now their ‘turn a blind eye’ policy works. There aren’t people stumbling all over the streets sleeping in gutters because they’re high, contrary to popular belief.

It’s not for everyone though but seriously guys don’t judge it unless you’ve done it. It helps a lot of people and i don’t think woot has crossed any line putting this up for sale given what i said earlier about its growing acceptance in the US.

I don’t condone people using it but i certainly don’t have a problem with people using it who really need it either.

If you’ve bought into the propaganda and you’re against it then don’t buy the speaker. It’s as simple as that.

Classy??? Really???

It kinda looks like it could double as an ashtray.

Especially if you were, er, needing an ash tray.


Oh and BTW, turkey’s can fly… lol

So, it’s weed, and you can HEAR it???
Man, we really did make it to the future.

I’m ashamed to be a woot member too! They have members who are under 21 and wine is illegal in EVERY state for those woot members. Why promote something that’s not good for consumption!?

Did you have this strong of a response to wine? What about when woot sells 2lbs of candy? Obesity has killed more people in the US since you posted your invictive than marijuana has EVER killed.

Bluetooth speakers with stupid stickers on them don’t kill anyone either, by the way. Relax.

So tired of drug culture. Remember the scene in “They Live” where Roddy Piper puts the special glasses on, and is horrified to find the hidden messages? SLEEP. OBEY. NO IMAGINATION. THIS IS YOUR GOD.
For the record, i’m all out of bubblegum.

Not to mention that alcohol was illegal at one point… look how well that turned out. I wonder if they would be totally against alcohol if it still was. I doubt it.

Maybe it’s Hemp, don’t jump the gun.
See there, I took care of two evils at once. :slight_smile:

Something tells me the gimmickry was a more important consideration than the sound when they designed this. That alone should be a pass for most folks.

Ummm… you do realize that there is an entire sub-woot dedicated to alcohol right?

Too bad Washington smoked you.

Wow! First it was a beer shirt over the weekend, which completely shocked me and now a 420 speaker, I’m speechless. Is Woot growing-up and catering to a more mature clientele? I hope so. There’s only so many cats/foxes/anime that one can take.

So … how does the thing work and sound? Any comments on that?

And we’re all about juvenile and things that companies couldn’t sell. :happy:

You don’t get much classier than a matte black speaker with a plastic replica of leaf. That’s high society, right there.



Alcohol has a similar effect… and just so happens I see a wine tab up there.

Not when flung from a helicopter 100 feet off the ground!