43-Percent Glyphosate Plus Weed Preventer

43-Percent Glyphosate Plus Weed Preventer

“total vegetation control” = will kill every darn plant it touches. Herbological apocalypse.

Not much of a daily deal… last bought the exact same product, direct from Amazon, for the same price. Good news is that it works very well… kills everything, even black locust, wild roses, poison ivy, and blackberries.

[MOD: the same price on Amazon is for a quart. This is a gallon.]

This stuff seems like it will take 5 years to plant something again in the area it wipes out

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WTF?!? Really? Glyphosate?!? Enjoy your cancer and poisoned earth. Thanks, but no thanks.


Bought a quart from Amazon for the same price as the gallon selling here. (https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B00Q02GRKY/)

Good stuff, it’s concentrated Roundup. This contains 50% Glyphosate, roundup contains 1-2% glyphosate. So once you mix with water this product is equal to 25 gallons of Roundup which would cost ~$500.

It kills everything, but I noticed weeds coming back within 6 months.


Even better - contentrated cancer. Nope, not for me.


Extremely disappointed in Woot! Who allowed this cancerous poison to be sold here? And as a Daily Deal no less?

It’s quite likely that my brother’s Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma is due to this type of Glyphosate “Weed Killer” being sprayed consistently on the farm he managed in Oregon and on fields he lives next to in Ventura, CA. It’s actually not a laughing matter.

Check the court cases in California if you don’t believe me. There’s at least one massive class action suit that has already been decided against glyphosate and Monsanto/Bayer. And it has been found to be a carcinogen legally. Not everything in California is bat sh*t crazy, just some of it, and most of it’s politicians.

This stuff is a highly poisonous carcinogen. No ifs ands or buts. Go ahead and ignore the settled case and the independent research on glyphosate.

Ignore GMO foods. Ignore the dangers of both for you and your family’s long-term health at your own peril or objectively research glyphosate and GMO foods.

Read the independent research, not the bought and paid for falsehoods Monsanto has spread for decades.

Remember the lies Monsanto sold the world for years about Agent Orange? How many vets and civilians are still being treated for nerve and neurological damage among other medical issues from Agent Orange exposure?

And you trust what Monsanto says in their false studies about Round Up (and glyphosate “friendly” GMOs) as well as other glyphosate-based, poisonous, and yes, carcinogenic weed killers? Seriously? Seriously?


Roundup does not cause cancer. This is a great deal.


There are quite a few lawyers looking for people with “issues” with roundup, because there are a lot of lawsuits in progress saying some clinical studies have shown these chemicals are statistically hazardous to our health. I don’t logically proceed from “lawyers” to “hazardous” (THAT seems likely but hasn’t been proven). I have to believe anything which claims to be bio-effective for a YEAR is not something to mess with… at least not until their upper management goes for a year taking this in their coffee, anyway.

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Deadly concoction. Use extremely sparingly and cautiously if you must use it at all.

I was hoping for 44 percent…

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Gotta love the anti-science types calling glyphosate carcinogenic.


Not really a deal. You can get roundup powerMAX, 1 gallon for under $20. That will make enough mix to spray 5.8 acres at a 12 gallon rate, thus 69.8 gallons in total. A lot better deal than what this offers.

Adding you only need 1.833 oz of roundup powerMAX per gallon vs 6 oz of this stuff.


The original price listed is for the 2.5-gallon size, NOT the 1-gallon size being sold. Since you’re forced to use the app for this purchase, much of the ad doesn’t format correctly and you might totally miss the fact that the price is inaccurately represented and the discount is a false, loss leader…

I’d love to know where you can buy that concentration of Roundup Powermax for $20/gallon (or ANY Roundup concentrate for that price!) That’s an amazing deal for that sort of concentration!

Ugh, sold out before I could get some. This is the same concentration as some I got at Lowes for about $80 per gallon.

““total vegetation control” = will kill every darn plant it touches. Herbological apocalypse.”

Sounds like just what I’m looking for for one area behind my pool.

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Not sure if it does or not, but I’m sure if it does its one of those you have to use almost daily for thirty years. Either that or is known to blah blah blah in California. I’m pretty sure my farts cause cancer in California.


Excellent! Poison you and your neighbors. Spokane sued Roundup and won for the impact it had on their water supply. This stuff is on its way out and good riddance. It will be remembered as a foolish shortsighted solution like DDT.