44-Drawer Hardware & Craft Cabinets 2-Pack

Where in the world did Woot come up with the $100.76 list price for a 44-drawer 2-pack?!? These are for sale at my local hardware store for $19.98 each. Everyday.

Good info, I was wondering if these were larger or different then the ones I see all the time at the hardware store. Guess not!

Not a great deal. Available elsewhere for about the same price Froogle Search

Yeah. Being in the watch repair business I could use a lot of these. But, I get better deals finding used ones from old watch makers. And they’re full of parts. I could go for some more empty cabinets though.

Except we’re selling 2 at this price, where as the ones linked are only selling 1.

why should I pay almost $40 if I can pay $29 with shipping and tax at other store?? Storage Cabinets | Blain's Farm & Fleet

$40/2=$20 each