48-Ft Commercial Grade String Lights

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48-Ft Commercial Grade String Lights
Price: $39.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, Jan 24 to Thursday, Jan 25) + transit
Condition: New


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This isn’t a bad deal, but it’s also not very competitive. That said, Costco sells something that’s the same specs for about $10 less, and it comes with a half set of replacement bulbs and a Costco return policy. Granted not everyone has access to a Costco

Terrible deal. As poster said above…much better pricing at Costco. Woot isn’t near what it used to be.


Thanks for the heads-up … nearly jumped in for three …

Absolute ripoff. The Costco version is less expensive and much higher quality. This version doesn’t even have the individual attachment loop above the light, as the Costco version does.

I wonder if these are left overs from the Olive Garden remodel a few years back?

My dude - thanks for the heads-up. Was about to pull the trigger but the Costco lights are way better. Just bought two.

I don’t think these are even LED bulbs, so they must be left-overs? Energy draining electron hogs!

For $10 more than this you can get the LED version at Costco. You would probably save more than $10 in electricity the first year of use.

From the Mothership, same price, LED, holes for hooks:


I often wonder how much money I could make correcting the translation programs the Chinese use… “…WARRANTY: 60 days money back, 12 months warranty. We are fully guaranteed for its quality problem. Please feel free to buy!”

My wife was just saying that we ought to get some of these, just like the neighbors.

Since these are not LED, we’ll pass and get someone to take us to Costco for the LED version.

BTW, the Amazon “mothership” says they have three left in stock. Why would they have three there, but a boatload here at Woot? Does that say something?

The cheapest LED set I found on the Costco website was $50. It changes color and has a remote. Are you seeing something different? The big reason to possibly stick with incandescent bulbs is dim-ability. The LED set doesn’t mention that it can be dimmed.

Some LED lights cannot be dimmed, but Amazon does have ones that can be,

The Amazon item is LED but only has 15 sockets, these have 24.

Amazon’s impression of Woot. Sucker place since they took it over.

I know some can be. Although I have yet to see a LED or CFL bulb that does so as well as incandescent does (at least with a standard dimmable switch). I was just comparing the sets I saw on Costco’s website.

When do they switch products?

When enough fools [correction-valued customers] purchase the remaining stock

It comes with 24 power sucking 11 watt heaters for a whopping 264 watts of meter spin. Here in Connecticut if you have *Eversource that will cost you $0.0453 an hour. that sounds cheep but three hours a night for a month and suddenly your over $4.

The $39 set on Amazon is 30 watts will cost you $.005 an hour to run and $0.46 a month three hours a night. While the Amazon set has fewer bulbs it should put out as much light as a 125 watt bulb.

*Eversource charges (Rips people off) $0.17171 per KwH delivered to your home.

If you are on OUC in Florida Where power is $0.10192 Plus Tax per KwH its $2.24 to run the Woot! lights, and $0.275 to run the Amazon LED’s per month.