48-inch 8-Person Felt Poker Table Top



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48-inch 8-Person Felt Poker Table Top
$19.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 48-inch 8-Person Felt Poker Table Top


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Has anyone filed aclaim for orders not received?

I ordered the Seiko watch. FedEx tracking show "Left at front door. Signature Service not requested. " It was never there, I didn’t receive the package.


I think the problem lies with fedex, and not woot. Fed Ex has left packages in front of my door without my consent before, and this is for an item that was 180 dollars. Fed Ex sucks like that. Not sure what woot can do, FED EX should have returned it back to woot.


I had this happen to me before. Contact woot. If they have another of your item left over, they will offer to send it to you, or refund your money. They will then file a claim with FedUp. Sometimes, FedUp will ask you to sign an affadavit that you haven’t received the item and they pay Woot back from their self-insurance fund.


Woot is in Texas. I am in Texas. Why do my woots go from Texas to California before coming back to Texas? Methinks someone in logistics dropped the ball.


The same thing is happening to me with this item. I live in Georgia. My Poker Table Top has gone from Texas to California and is floating around in Cali somewhere right now. It’s supposed to be delivered today. Yeah right.


I received mine (all 3) a few days ago and thought I should tell you, the packing of these 40lb items sucked but all three tables survived and before I finally got them out of the torn boxes, I would have bet money on crushed particle board (maybe they are less than 40lbs but when you try to lift them you would swear they are heavier). Boxes were barely boxes by the time the hit by front door. Think the driver was pissed?

One thing I was hoping for was a case to carry these things around. Nope, they don’t come with one which will make moving the folded up boards a PITA. Suggestions (good ones not stupid comments) would be welcomed?

Open them with care as I can’t imagine the felt that holds the 4 sides together being super strength. Durable, but not everlasting. Now I just need the chips :slight_smile: