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yet another one where the math doesn’t work…

Skill Level (1) + Karl Malone’s (32) = 33
33/ Ear Bones (3) = 11
11*1962 (Cristeta Comeford’s birthdate)= 21582

and it doesn’t work

I either REALLY suck at these, or woot got ANOTHER one wrong. Grrr.

I got the same thing. FRUSTRATED.

Malone was 11. But it still doesn’t work.

This one doesn’t seem to be working for me either.

((Skill Level 1 + Number 11) / 3 bones) * 1962 = 7848

Actually, Karl Malone was 11 for the Lakers, but it still doesn’t work ((1+11)/3)*1962=7848

This is what I got as well. These things are hard enough without having to guess where Woot messed up…

Indeed. I’m considering going to bed and hoping they’ll be more accurate tomorrow and Wednesday.

I got a bag of crap, but I’m not entirely sure how, because the numbers I could find didn’t work out, I just started trying random nearby numbers. Either the skill level was 3 rather than 1, or the jersey number was 13 rather than 11, because 14/3*1962 got me the page.

I got the second BOC on this one. The math is (((1) + (11) / (3)) * 1962

That is, you’re doing 1 + (11/3), not 12/3.

There are parenthesis around the individual numbers which is a bit confusing, but technically their math is correct.

Oops, double post.

I just checked the parens for the third time, and they are not correct - the put them around the 1+11, not 11/3

Nope. I’m sure your way is more right than mine, but they had the brackets wrong - there’s an extra close-bracket after Lakers, so the + is definitely bracketed together. If they just got rid of some of the brackets they could be right though!

Oh wow, you guys are right. It really is (((1) + (11)) / (3)) * (1962) = 7848. Looks like I just happened to screw up the same way Woot did. :confused: