4k TV's Galore!

Hey folks! Due to some technical difficulties all of our lovely 4k TV’s will be sharing a discussion thread tonight. The more the merrier eh?!

So, if you have questions, comments, or true-life stories of how 4k technology saved your marriage- be sure to specify which television you’re talking about!

Thank you and Happy Wooting!

Sorry I posted in wrong place…
this was meant for k samsung also on sale ignore below

this tv is going for 1498 on a different site BRAND NEW


I have heard some HORRIBLE things about that site. I’d personally never purchase from there.

Same question I had last time these tvs were up (that didn’t get answered). Who refurbished the Samsung 65in, was it manufacturer or random third party. Thanks.

Is there any kind of a warranty with these refurbished TVs?

These look like very good deals on very good HDTVs. My reference is the RTINGS website, URL: http://www.rtings.com/tv, where Samsung and Vizio units are extensively reviewed (sorry Hisense). I pay attention to viewing angle and actual refresh rates. Your priorities will likely differ from mine.

Woot’s warranty is 90 days, which should be plenty of time to determine whether you have a problem with your set, like broken or defective connections, burned out pixels, etc. Woot has always been very fair with me when I’ve had problems with my Woot purchases.

Of note, many of these sets are discontinued models, but have been replaced with models that are not necessarily better, depending on your requirements.

Happy Wooting!

Looks like just a 90-day warranty. Seems pretty crappy to me.

[edit: beat me to it]

A 90-day warranty from Woot applies. See my comments elsewhere for this deal.

I used the Square Deal link on the Hisense page to connect and get a quote. The quote was generated from the price and vendor (woot). I don’t think the quote is product specific until you register w/SD.

Please, correct me if I am wrong.

These were third party refurbs; we list “Factory Reconditioned” when the manufacturer does the job.

The link would need to be specific to the offer page, so it would be different for each model, if the widget were there.

Woot needs to make a bigger delta in the price…The 65 inch 4k TV from Samsung is on sale at Best Buy in their flyer for $1799 for the 4th…$1529 vs. $1799…Almost like purchasing a warranty and getting a new TV in the deal vs. refurbished…

Thank you for the response and clarification for the future, much appreciated.

Can you link this sale, I am unable to find it on the bestbuy site. Thanks.

I am steering clear. All the last refurns I got from Woot where horrible condition with defects or significant blemishes on arrival. I don’t trust these refurb deals any longer…or at least the refurb companies they deal with.