4th Burner Pot - 2 Colors

I feel kind of dumb asking, but what is this 4th Burner pot’s purpose?

It is called that because your 4th burner on your stove is usually the small one, and this pot is designed to be small around, but tall. So it fits the 4th burner without crowding the other pots. I imagine this is great for cooking asparagus or keeping stock hot for adding into risotto.

It is also used for small batch canning. The Food in Jars blog has great info on that subject. She uses this exact one.

It’s really handy… My one complaint is that the wires of the strainer are too far apart, so stuff like asparagus isn’t actually a perfect fit for it. But it’s great for steaming broccoli, and other veggies, and keeping stock warm as suggested. It’s also perfect for boiling eggs in; you can just lower them in when it’s already boiling so the timing can be perfect.