4th of July

Yaaaaay~ Happy Foxy Fourth. :smiley:

Why Woot? Why isn’t “Commander in Chef” an apron? When I saw the logo I immediately assumed that it was an apron.

Americat has great colors and is very cute. I just don’t get why the cat body is a cheeseburger. Can somebody explain what this means? Is it some meme that I don’t know about?

It’s a parody of Nyan-cat, whose body is a poptart.

I completely agree!!! I NEED to have this as an apron! haha

I second that!

When looking at AmeriCat, I can’t decide if the stripes are supposed to represent flag stripes… or bacon.

What a wonderful double-meaning.

I can has cheezeburger.

Thank you. That works!

Thank you! I get it now! I am familiar with I can has cheezburger. It relates to Nyan-cat, above, and the bacon/flag stripes, too! You guys are good. And Narfcake, you are brilliant to design an attractive shirt which takes in so many meanings!

You’re welcome, but I cannot take any credit for the design; this was designed by Walmazan, who I am a fan of.

And thirded! How is it not on an apron – it just seems so logical, no?

Fourthed! Why isn’t this an apron?!

Exactly! That design needs to be on an apron!

5th’ed. I would buy this if it was an apron. Someone at Woot! Headquarters really dropped the ball on this. They better start printing aprons now to arrive in time for the 4th…

Please tell me I’m wrong about the bunnies being put on the grill…

Please make Commander in Chef into an apron. I’d buy one in an instant!


When will these designs be available in the All Designs catalog?