5.11 Men's Embroidered Flag Hoodie, 3 Colors

A “tactical” hoodie?

Oh good grief! This military fetish marketing craze has officially gone too far.

I wonder if those Bundiots in Oregon have these?

You’ll find these elsewhere on the web for $40, usually at sites focused on fire/police services.

Next time you need them shouting out, “Help, Police!” might get you more results than “Help, Bundiots.” YMMV

For me, I have no problem flying the flag, especially an embroidered one. They look sharp and last.

In for one.

Because nothing says “I’m carrying a concealed firearm” quite like a hoodie emblazoned with a tactical clothing logo or a cross-hairs with the words “Always Ready.” SMH I’d love to have this stuff if it didn’t advertise the fact that you’re carrying concealed, thus defying the purpose of obtaining the CCW permit. Oh, and if they made something for women, which they don’t appear to.

Fits tight through the chest.