5.11 Range Vest (3 Colors)

Got it last time it was offered, black 2XL. These things run LARGE. Do NOT order oversize. In fact, consider order undersize.

Love the pockets. There are so many. The lower outside pockets have a trick or two: they are multi-layered. They look like two pockets on each side, but if you open both flaps there’s a “large” pocket behind them. AND there’s a side pocket behind that as well. However, the side pocket’s opening seems to be too far back and too low (and vertical to be comfortable hand rests.

There are hidden inside pockets too, lots of them. Both sides have HUGE “document” pockets large enough for stacks of documents… maps, or a nice thin tablet or two (electronic or otherwise).

There’s also a “radio pocket” in the inside left complete with a wire hole for your favorite stereo… or tactical radio, including a collar wireloop (no clip needed) for your headset (tactical or otherwise) from INSIDE the vest.

Inside also has two “belt loops” for additional equipment, perhaps linked to a Molle-type harness.

Finally, there’s a zippered right-side-entrance back pocket big enough for a small trowel, some emergency supplies, or a short big gun. :slight_smile: That you can access without taking off the vest, unlike the cheap and crappy vests you file elsewhere.