5.5 Qt. Cast Iron Casserole - 2 Colors

Bought a red one from Woot recently. I’ve been using a cast iron dutch oven but studies show that with long cooking of acidic dishes there is some leaching of iron even in a well seasoned pot. So I was wondering if I could improve on my chili, Swiss steak. etc… Note that this is distinctly oval is shape and it will overlap a top burner. It’s going to be more effective in the oven than on the stove. It looks great. Compared to a typical equivalent Dutch oven, you get more bottom surface and less depth. I don’t know whether that is an advantage or not. It might depend on the quantity of your recipe. Obviously this is much easier to care for than “raw” cast iron. I need more cooking experience with this pot to truly judge it but everyone should have a Dutch oven among their pots and this is a high quality product at a real good price.