5.5" Sculpted Memory Foam & Fiber Mattress Topper

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5.5" Sculpted Memory Foam & Fiber Mattress Topper
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Hi All,

I am with the manufacturer and will be able to answer any questions you have.


What is the density in pounds for the memory foam?

Would I need special sheets to accommodate the extra 5.5 inches this would add to the depth of my mattress?

This uses a 3.2 pound density memory foam.

It will add 5.5 inches to your mattress, so it depends on how your sheets currently fit on your mattress.

Sorry I couldn’t give a more specific answer!

So what is the difference between the two offers? Infused, or not does it make a difference and if so what is it?

The difference is in the memory foam.

The Gel topper is produced with Gel Memory Foam which has gel particles infused into the memory foam. This results in a more supportive and temperature neutral sleep.

The memory foam topper is manufactured with the same base memory foam, just without the gel. It is open cell memory foam technology which allows for heat dissipation through the foam. The memory foam topper would be the more economical solution.

The 1.5" Polyester fiber covers are the same for both options.

So, Gel Memory Foam = Newer technology but more expensive

Memory Foam = High quality memory foam and more economical.

I hope this helps!

Does this foam/fiber combination make it less of a struggle to move, ie turn over, than straight memory foam?

A high quality memory foam will be soft, but still provide support. The combination of the memory foam and the fiber will provide a soft, but supportive comfort.

I’m a side sleeper who gets hip pain so I prefer a softer surface. Which of the toppers would be better for me?

I would recommend the Gel Topper.

What firmness rating is this topper?

The memory foam is tested to a medium rating.

Does this have the 220 thread count fiber cover with a stretch-to-fit 17-inch contour skirt like I’ve seen at a different vendor?

The cover is 100% peachy brushed polyester with a 17" bedskirt. This cover has the 1.5" of polyester fill and holds the memory foam snugly in place.

Does adding this topper make it difficult for fitted sheets to fit or stay in place? How does it compare with the 2" topper which was on Woot a couple of weeks ago?