$5 and Less Top Secret Nutrition Supplements

These deals are decent. What’s the catch???

Wow, some good deals, here. I like the BCAA stuff. Bought it before at $9.99 and felt I got a good deal, then. Just bought two more. Also giving the Cardio Ignitor a try, as well as the L-Carnatine supplement. Am curious about the Multi-Vite, but it’s only got 15 capsules in the bottle and it suggests 3 per day! If anybody ever paid full price for that stuff, they must be mad.

Now that I’m looking back, I wish I would have gotten one of the Cherry Limeade Pump Ignitors, too. Oh well. Would be nice if would gave a short window to add stuff to an order that has been already placed. I’m sure it would help them sell a lot more stuff. There’s been a number of times I’ve wanted to add something I was on the fence about, after placing an order, and just forgetting about it, because I didn’t want to pay another shipping charge for one item.

The catch is I got one that was gummed up, and another was shorted to a 10 count when it should have been 30. Tried contacting woot twice and they would not reply back.

your ingred list for the bcaa blue ras does not include caffeine? normally this has caffeine in it? i have actually used it before and have looked it up on a few sites just now and they all list it with caffeine? can you clarify please?

I found the Vita-T on another site with a 90 pill bottle for 16 bucks. Not sure if there is a catch to that website… Also found pretty great reviews on it at a bodybuilding forum.

I just received part of my order.

I bought three Top Secret Nutrition L-Carnatine + Raspberry Keytones Liquid Capsules, 210 Count items.

The bottle count for each of the three is only 60. I attached a photo showing that is is just 60 and not the 210 count. There is a sticker stating 210 count. Perhaps why these are on sale due to the mislabel? It is hard to see but the 60 is in the lower right and the mislabel in on the far left.

On another point, part of my order was sent to the wrong state for some reason! So who knows if I will receive the rest of my order.

I have contacted support but no response as of yet

Mac: Sorry for the problems. I’ll add you to my afternoon report so CS can look into it.

I also bought 3 of the Top Secret Nutrition L-Carnatine + Raspberry Keytones Liquid Capsules, 210 Count items and my order just came in a few minutes ago but I have a different problem. Mine is 210 count but they all expire on Nov. 2014!! That’s less than 3 months away. How in the world am I suppose to finish 3 bottles in under 3 months? I tried to see if they stated an expiration date on here but I couldn’t find one. Anyways, guess that’s why it’s so cheap. Not cool tho Woot. Not cool.

I did hear back from support about the error and they are taking care of it. Thanks.

The dates on the items I have received so far range from 03/2015 to 07/2015.

My other package is still on track to be delivered to the wrong state but was told to wait.

I’m a Doctor, but I don’t play one on TV. Expiration dates are virtually meaningless. The guvment requires some sort of expiration date. Other than perhaps milk and raw meat, they are arbitrary. This has actually been studied with medications. One study indicated that most medications if kept in a cool dry place have 90% or greater potency five years after the expiration date. Personally I would have no trouble buying and using something like this two or three months after the expiration date; in fact, I do purchase medications and supplements near their expiration date because they’re often deeply discounted.

Yup. I always like to shop the expired supplements on ebay. I’ve got some insane deals, like 23 boxes of MRI Black Powder for under $45 shpped. Those each contain 10 single serving packets and one single serving sample of War. Those boxes are normaly like $30 a piece. I bought then more than two years ago and they were just past the date when I got them. They still work perfectly. Earlier this year I bought a case of 6 containers of aminos from Ajinamoto and it was a product that they had discontinued. It was the most expensive one they sell which normally goes for $65 a container (actually sells for that, too) and I got them all for like $40 shipped. Score!

It’s hard to get my wife to believe that expiration dates are bunk, though. She recently through away a brand new, sealed bottle of Listerine that had “expired”. I took it out of the trash, of course. She’s a nurse, but they evidently don’t have a study section regarding expiration dates in nursing school.

Thanks for the info. I will continue to take it until I feel as tho my body reacts differently to it.

I still haven’t received my order. Only two tracking numbers and both OTHER items arrived. Should there be a third tracking number I don’t know about or was I shorted? Emailed woot twice but still no reply…

I’m really sorry for the wait. I added you to my evening CS report. You should hear from someone soon.