5 Gal Galvanized Steel Gas Can, Your Choice

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5 Gal Galvanized Steel Gas Can, Your Choice
Price: $29.99 - 32.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $12 Two-Day OR $17 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Nov 09 to Tuesday, Nov 10) + transit
Condition: New


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6/12/2015 - $29.99 - Click To See Discussion (39 comments)

Eagle RED

These cans are great. I have six of them, all purchased from previous Woot offerings. I’d buy more if I needed them.

Nice product. Purchased one of these off Woot 2 years ago.

The ONLY problem with it is trying to get the last 1/2 gallon of gas out. Imagine the position of the yellow spout when you try to drain the last bit of gas. The yellow spout is not straight up and down but almost at a 45° angle.

Just do a quick google on plastic gas can explosion and you’ll see why these old style metal cans are much safer. I have two from a previous woot and they are great quality.

Plus don’t tell the government but I spill way less gas on the ground and myself using these versus their “safer” craptastic twist to pour that always leak.

Absolutely one of the best items on Woot! Best in Price and Quality. Ya gotta have these!!! They sure beat out the plastic crapinola that leak and spill gas all over everything. Whomever thought up Carb compliant in California gas cans is an engineer who needs his head examined!

absolutely the best gas cans I’ve ever used - no worries about the plastic breaking down over time, no worries about stupidly-complicated “safety” spouts - these just bloody work…

Hey Woot, need to change the pricing!!! Cheaper on AMAZON!!! COMMON STEP UP TO THE PLATE!!!

This is a great gas can. I bought mine on Woot a couple of years ago and have no complaints. Five gallons lasts me a long time, almost a whole summer of mowing. It’s too bad Woot doesn’t offer the 1-gallon version. I could really use that for my chain saw and trimmer fuel.

hmmmm… Amazon Prime is showing up as 34.63 for the unleaded model.

I’ve got the red one and love it.

Just remember to firmly seat the nozzle over the lip on the spout otherwise it will drip.

Even with the $5 shipping and sales tax (both Woot and Amazon) it was $4 cheaper via Woot. I ordered a couple to replace the cheap plastic ones that I hate!

I have these in both a 5 gal and 2.5 gal. They are absolutely better than any plastic can you can buy these days. I’d highly recommend that anyone that purchases these to also pick up a pack of gas can vent plugs, drill the appropriately sized hole and install them. It’ll take pouring gas from a 5 minutes job to a 60 second job.

The spout gathers dirt if you leave this can outside. Either store the can inside or take the spout off for cleaning regularly.

Had a OLD version that used to have the little rubber hose adapter you could shove into your lawn mower real easy to fill it. It doesn’t want to fall over and was easy enough because of that to transport to the fuel station to fill it back up.
Rubber hose finally rotted away and couldn’t find a new one probably because of all the new rules. Ended up staying at my old house when I moved but really liked the design. I’ll have to get another one one of the times they sell them but yes a smaller version would be nice now that I have a MUCH smaller yard to deal with and a 2 stroke weed wacker to feed.

I bought 3 of these in 9/2014…great cans…tossed all of my plastics cans to the dump. These are great and seal tight…I paid $27.95 for mine…the new price is still a great deal. Our TSC store have these for $40.00…

I bought one of these on Woot and it IS GREAT. But then I saw it at a store and realized that I had been duped. These gas cans don’t sell for $66. You aren’t getting a deal… at best you are saving a couple of bucks.

If you have amazon prime, save the $5 woot shipping and get it quicker/cheaper. Second link is same price with $5 shipping. Neither site has this gas can for $66.

Come on Woot! How many other deals are you duping us on by jacking up prices to suggest that you offer it at a better price?